Her song makes me stay up all night.

Meet the Song family from Seattle Washington. Addi and Rush Song, twin brother and sister just lived a totally normal life, untill their moms long lost sister comes knocking at their door. Who knew her sister was Zayn Malik's mom? Read on as you go through the twins journey, as their life collides with Zayns crazy life.


1. The infamous song

Addi Song, to principal Dittmores office. NOW." The intercom blasted. 
"Ugh. What did I do this time? Stare at Mrs. Hancocks son to long?" I mumbled as I started to walk out. 
"Addi." Mrs. H said, firmly. 
"whatever Mrs. H." I turned around and walked out of her class room and made my way to "P. Diddys" office. (as I liked to call it) 
I walked in to Mr. Ds office and he looked up at me and sighed. He signaled for me to sit down and I sluggishly pulled the chair out from under his desk and sat down. 
He grabbed a pen and started writing down a couple of things. This continued on for a while untill I finally said: " Hey P. Diddy, did you just call me here to watch you scribble down some crap or are you going to actually tell me what I did wrong today." I sarcasticly mammbled. 
He rolled his eyes and put his pen down. 
"Now Addi. This is the second time I've had to talk to you about this. You have got to stop treating your teachers as if they are your lackeys. They are your mentors, your guides if you will. They will show you the way. All you got to do is shut your yap, and listen. Simple?" Diddy explained. 
"Yeah I guess. Wait so does that mean that.. Hmm never mind. Go on." 
 Diddy raised an eyebrow but continued on to what he was going to say. 
"Oh, your mom wants you home. She said its a family emergency." 
"haha very funny. No seriously what am I in trouble for." I tryed to make make him spit out my punishment. 
"Nothing.. Well from school. Get home quickly. I'm sick of your mom yelling at us in her Spanish accent, I can't understand anything she flippin says." Diddy exclaimed. 
A huge smile swept across my face, along with a minor giggle filled the air
"Yeah I hear that." I walked out of his office and then realized something. 
"Wait is this a test or are you real..." 
"Get out of my office Song." He blurted firmly. 
"Well then." I mumbled, darting out of the school. 
I got in my car and replayed the last words Dittmore said to me: "Get out of my office Song." I busted out laughing. 
"Haha! Get out of my office Song!! I wonder if that's really a tune. Hmm." 
The whole rest of the ride home, I tryed to write brilliant lyrics to the awesome "Get out of my office Song" song. 
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