Her song makes me stay up all night.

Meet the Song family from Seattle Washington. Addi and Rush Song, twin brother and sister just lived a totally normal life, untill their moms long lost sister comes knocking at their door. Who knew her sister was Zayn Malik's mom? Read on as you go through the twins journey, as their life collides with Zayns crazy life.


3. Rush Rush

After I popped my ear back into place, and rubbed my forehead a bit and kept my mind from spacing from my mom and her incredibly long story on how the famous Zayn Malik is my cousin and that his mom (Tricia)  her long lost sister and that Doniya, safaa, and Waliyha were my new cousins as well.We sat there for a moment in awkward silence, then  I looked around then I suddenly blurted "So this is what it's like to have a Chinese, Spanish, British family mixed into one, and then they meet out of the blue and now it's totally awkward and..." 
"Wow she's talks a lot Aunt Corrina."
Zayn blurted. 
I turned my sass mode on and slowly got up to go kick his assets when my mom pulled me back and started yelling at me in Spanish and then starts to rub her temples. 
"Aii! Calma tè!" she shouted for me to calm down. 
"Whatever." I plopped myself down on the couch and crosses my arms and pouted. 
Zayn just rolled his eyes and sat there at the couch. 
We had a stare off for like 10 minutes untill he said: "Want to fight me?" 
I smirked at him. "Yeah! Me and my twin brother will sooooooo take you down Brittain!" I shouted. 
"Wait... What twin brother?" Zayn and I both looked around for a second and I looked at my mom. 
"Umm mom. Wheres Rushmond?" I freaked a little bit. 
My mom looked up at me from rubbing her forehead and her eyes widen and she yelled : "Rush!" then left. 
"Does your mom always shout out actions before she does them?" Zayn chuckled a bit. 
I just looked at him for a minute and laughed. 
"No! My brother, his name is Rush. Don't ask me why. My parents are weird." 
"She was in a hurry though huh?" we both started laughing. Then it started dieing down and we both just huffed and let silence kick in for a few seconds with a bunch of train noises 
"Oh." The smile escaped from a his face a bit. 
"So... We're going to have to form and adjust to this arrangement arnt we?" I sighed. 
"Yeah, looks like it." he replied. 
"Hmm." I responded. 
"Wait so your brothers' name is Rush?" Zayn randomly asked. 
I giggled a bit. 
"Umm yeah! Didn't we just go over this?" 
"Well yeah it's just.. That's such a cool name!! I wish I had a brother!" he commented. 
"Yeah. Me too." I sarcasticly remarked. 
"Haha very funny." He said, playfully smacking my head. 
"Hey!" I shouted. 
"Vas happening?" He "haha" responded. 
"Very funny!" I playfully pushed him and then we ended up play fighting untill.. 
"Audraia Kayson!!" I heard someone with a thick Spanish accent yell out. 
I look over at Zayn who has a slightly scared look on his face then I squint, and look up at my mom who seems to be very angry, and my twin brother looks at me and he starts silently laughing. 
"Si mommy?" I said in a rather small voice. 
"First get up from the floor and tell me what is going on!" She yelled once again. 
"Mommy I can explain! Me and Zayn just. Nothing romantic mommy I promise! Trust me, with him I've gotten past that stage." I chuckled a bit and looked at Zayn who was just knodding like crazy. 
"It's true! We were just rough housing." Zayn tried to make the situation better but all he did was make it worse. 
"Well!! I will never..."
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