Her song makes me stay up all night.

Meet the Song family from Seattle Washington. Addi and Rush Song, twin brother and sister just lived a totally normal life, untill their moms long lost sister comes knocking at their door. Who knew her sister was Zayn Malik's mom? Read on as you go through the twins journey, as their life collides with Zayns crazy life.


6. Getting to know Harry's Style

After a bit of awkward silence, I deside it was snack time.
"I'm going to go get a snack. Anyone want to come?" I asked, making my way to the kitchen. 
"I volenteer!!" Niall shouted, shooting his hand up in the air. 
I giggle a bit. "What is this the hunger games?" Everyone started busting out laughing. 
I raised an eyebrow and thought about that I said. 
"Ha, I make funnies." I said in a little kid voice. 
Zayn blurted out a small chuckle. 
"Wow. It looks like this vacations going to be a blast, huh lads?" 
All the guys grinned in agreement. 
"Why? Cuz me and my sister do stupid weird sibling stuff, and how Addi makes retarded jokes?" Rush questioned. 
I shot him a glare. 
"Yeah well at least I'm funny." I mummbled. 
"What was that Addi?" Rush asked while cupping his ear. 
"Oh wow would you look at the time? I have a very important meeting to go to." I responded while heading to the fridge. 
"In the fridge?" Harry asked. 
"Chyeah! We're going to discuss a very important issue called Uhh.." I paused for a bit and glanced at the magnets on the fridge for an idea and I saw a "No child left behind" magnet, and a light bulb "bing" went over my head. I grabbed the magnet off the fridge and held it behind my back, hoping he wouldnt notice. Then I turned to Harry who was smirking at me waiting for an answer. 
"Well its the "No child left be... Hungry! Yeah. It was founded in Jamaca by umm Johnny be good." 
I knodded with confidence. 
Harry raised an eye brow and saw that I was holding something behind my back. He evily smiled and looked over at something and pointed over yonder and shouted: "Whoa what's that!!" Hoping I would turn around to see it, but I just stood in place and gave him my best "sass" face. 
"Really Harry? I'm not naive. There's nothing there." 
"Oh we'll then maybe this will make you give it up" He got really close to my face and acted like he was going to kiss me. 
He closed his eyes, slowly started to lean in, and be began to pooch his lips out like he was actually going to kiss me. 
I waited till he was only inches apart from my face so I could make my move. 
He leaned in close enough and he raised his eyebrows expecting to get some "Sugahhh!" as my auntie calls it, then I leaned in and... 
"Oww!! She bite me!!"  Harry exclaimed as he held his nose.
All the boys started laughing. 
"That's not funny!" Harry shouted. 
"You're right mate. It was pretty freakin histarical!" Louis shouted. 
"It is not! She bite me! It really hurts!" Harry was still holding his nose, crying like a little baby.
"Ouch Charlie! You bit my fingah!" I said, mocking him. 
Everyone began to laugh even harder, but that comment seemed to make Harry even more upset. 
"Give me what's behind your back!" Harry shouted. 
"Give you what?" I acted all innocent. 
"Give it!" He started to run after me. 
"Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me, cuz I'm the gingerbread man!" I sang in mocking girly voice. 
Everyone was literally on the floor laughing from every dumb thing I just said, but Harry wasn't buying anything. He ran after me and tackled me to my living room floor. 
"Give it!!" Harry shouted.
"Umm. No." 
"Fine!! Just let me get up." 
We both got up and Harry held out his hand waiting for me to hand him what was in mine. 
I sighed. "Here." I slowly began to give it to him when all of a sudden. 
"Hey Zayn!! Catch!" I threw the magnet to Zayn and he caught it. He threw  it to Liam, who threw it to Niall, who was going to throw it to Louis, but got intercepted by Harry. 
"Got it!" He shouted! Holding the object in his hand. 
He flipped in over and mouthed the words "No child left behind" 
"Ugh. Its just a stupid magnet." Harry huffed as he threw it down on the floor. 
"Yeah! What did you think it was? Tickets to a Bieber concert?" I responded sarcastically. 
Nialls face lit up and he looked at Rush who just shook his head, which made Nialls face go back to normal. 
Harry smirked at me. 
"Well then why we're you hidding it behind your back hmm?" 
"Because. I didn't think you were going to notice." I uttered blankly.
"So you just made up that silly corporation?" Harry asked with his hands on his hips. 
"Uhh duh." 
"You didn't know that? I even knew that! And Johnny be good is a song! Duh!" Liam blurted. 
I just giggled at his response. 
"See? You were frantic over nothing..." I put my hand on his shoulder. "It's going to be alright lad..." I began in a brittish accent, then lifted his chin up so we made eye contact. 
"You'll see." 
He half smiled as we looked into each others eyes for a bit. He smiled wider and I just blush. 
I heard Zayn clear his throat and shout: "Lets eat!!" and all the boys follow him in a seriously loud chorus of "Yeah!" 
Harry and I suddenly break eye contact, and we just clear our throats and dust ourselves off. 
"So umm, you coming?" I asked trying to break the awkward cloud. 
"Hmm? Oh yeah! Let's go." he said, getting in front of me. 
I sighed heavily, and smiled. 
You know Zayn maybe right.. This maybe and interesting vacation(; 
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