Still Waiting.

Leah Horan is 17 and just moved to london with her brother niall after her parents died. She just got out of a relationship and didnt expect love at the moment. When she goes to school, she meets Louis Tomlinson. She falls in love but tries to srat away. Will she end up with louis? Read to find out. I am not really good with summarys. the fan fiction is much better than the summary. I hope you guys like it. :) XXX


9. Help!

Leah’s POV

He walked in and pushed me out of his way. He sat on the couch and patted the space next to him. “Hey babe. Come sit by me.” He said still smiling at me. “Don’t call me babe and get out!” I said with anger and force. He gets up and walks up to me. “What did you say?” He said yelling at me now. “I said don’t call me babe and get out!” I said louder. He raised his hand and slapped me. I started crying. “Never say that again! I told you that I would come back for you Leah.” He said smiling now. I got away from him and ran upstairs. I ran into Niall’s room hoping that he was here. He wasn’t here! Great! I quickly grabbed my phone and texted Louis as fast as I could. To Lou<3: Hurry please! Jake is here!!!!!!!! I locked my phone when I sent the text. I stuffed my phone in my pocket and tried to climb out the open window in Niall’s room. I had one foot out when Jake opened the door with force. “You can’t run away Leah!” He picked me up and threw me on the wood floor. I screamed a little. It hurt like crazy.

Louis’ POV

I saw the text from Leah right when I arrived at her house. I read it and was wondering who Jake was. I ran into the house and heard a scream. I did not know where she was. I ran upstairs and tried to follow the screams and cries for help. I saw a door that said Niall and I opened the door. The first thing I saw was Leah getting raped by a guy with blond hair. I ran to him and kicked his stomach. He fell off of her and tried to get up. I turned round and tried to help Leah. Jake got up without me knowing and he punched me. I turned around and pushed him on the floor. I got on him and punched him in the face till he passed out. I got up and he was laying there with no movement. I walked to Leah and sat her on the bed. She called the police. We waited for about 2 minutes when the police ran inside and arrested Jake.

Leah’s POV

Louis looked at the bruises on my body and starts to bandage me up. He helped me back up when he finished. He put me on the couch and sat next to me. “Who was that?” He asked. “Jake my ex.” I answered replaying that night when he cheated on me. “What happened?” he asked while looking into my watery eyes. I told him what happened and he wrapped me in his arms. “I would never do that to you.” He said. I smiled and kissed him. “Are you hungry?” He asked. I nodded my head. He got up off the couch. “I am going to Nandos. I will be back.” I kissed him and he turned around and left. I got out my phone and called Niall. It took him forever to answer. “Hey. Louis is over and he is getting Nandos.” I said when he answered. “Niall is busy.” A person with a very deep voice answered. “Who is this?” I asked very suspicious. “That is classified information.” He answered. “Where is Niall?” I asked confused of his answer. “He is very busy. I will tell him you called.” “No give me Niall.” I said yelling into the phone now. “I told you, he is busy. I will tell him you called.” “I told you no! Let me talk to him and who is this!?!?!?” I yelled louder. “I told you that is classified information and he is busy.” “What have you done with him?” I said crying now because I knew that this person was doing something to Niall. He started laughing this evil type of laugh. “Oh just some things.” He answered and continued laughing that creepy laugh. I hung up and cried harder. About 5 minutes later, Louis walked in with a sack of food. He saw me crying and ran to me. “What happened?” he asked trying to meet my eyes. I tried to stop crying but that was hard because I had mental pictures of what could have happened to Niall. I stopped finally and Louis wrapped me in one of his warm and loving hugs. “I called Niall to tell him to come home but he did not answer. A weird person answered and he would not tell me anything. I asked him who he was thinking that it was one of Niall’s jacked up friends and he kept saying that’s classified information. And then I asked him if I could talk to Niall and he said that he was busy over and over again. And I asked him what he was doing to Niall because I heard faint screams in the background and he started laughing this creepy laugh and said oh just some things. I hung up after.” I said crying a little. He hugged me tighter and said, “Do you have any idea of where he is?” He asked still hugging me. “No. I don’t. I don’t even know who these people are.” I said trying to stop crying. After I managed to stop crying, we heard a beeping noise in my room. I got up and started limping upstairs with Louis helping me up. We ran into my room and followed the beeping sound. We finally found it in my dresser drawer under my panties. Right when I saw it I knew what it was. It was this device that Niall and I had. It was an emergency thing. It sends a signal that tells you where the other person was. He had sent me a message. It said nothing but it told me where he was. The address was 214 Grover Street. I looked at the address and I knew where he was instantly. He is at the cemetery of the place where my parents were buried.

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