Still Waiting.

Leah Horan is 17 and just moved to london with her brother niall after her parents died. She just got out of a relationship and didnt expect love at the moment. When she goes to school, she meets Louis Tomlinson. She falls in love but tries to srat away. Will she end up with louis? Read to find out. I am not really good with summarys. the fan fiction is much better than the summary. I hope you guys like it. :) XXX


15. Finally home

Niall’s POV

I saw Leah on her bed laying there. She looked dead. I was sitting on the couch and eating. She wasn’t moving and I was scared that she was going to die. The doctor told me that she has lost a lot of blood. They put some in her but she hasn’t waked up yet. Louis was released today and was getting some clean clothes.

Not long after, Louis arrived.

“Has she woken up yet?” He asked.

“No.” I said.

He frowned and walked over to her.

“Please wake up soon.” Louis said. “Please!”

Leah’s POV

I only saw darkness. I heard Louis’ voice. I tried to wake up but I would always come back to this darkness. Ugh. I need to wake up now.

Louis’ POV

“I love you.” I said to Leah while I kissed her forehead. My side was sore but I was healing. I wanted revenge. I sighed and sat down beside Niall. Niall turned on the TV and we watched ‘Love Actually’.

The movie finished and I wanted Leah to wake up. I looked over at her and saw her hand moved.

“Niall! I saw Leah’s hand move.” I said while running to her. I grabbed her hand. Niall called the nurses on the phone. Her eyes opened very slowly. She had fear in her eyes.

“Hey Leah.” I said

“What happened?” she asked while looking at her stitched arms. The doctors walked in pushed me out of the way. They asked her questions.

They told me she was fine and left. I walked back to Leah and held her hand. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I leaned in and we kissed.

“I love you too.” She said.

“You heard me?”

“Yes, I wanted to wake up earlier but I couldn’t.”

I kissed her forehead and got back up. Niall walked to her and talked to her. He didn’t have his crutches anymore. A nurse walked in and started talking to me.

“Leah can be released today.”

“Ok, what time?”

“Around noon.” I nodded my head and looked at the clock. It read 10 o’clock. The nurse left and I walked back to Niall and Leah. I told them what the nurse had told me.


Later on that day, she was released. We all left the hospital. We had been at that hospital for two weeks and a half. I was going to Doncaster soon. Niall was driving and Leah and I were in the back. My arm was around her and her head was rested on my chest.



We arrived back to their flat. We got up and took our stuff inside. I went upstairs and got into the shower. Leah got in after me. I have missed taking showers with her. My side hurt like crazy every time I moved. I also missed having sex with Leah but I can’t now because of my damn side!

We got out of the shower. She went to her closet and I put on red pants and my red and black striped shirt on. I brushed my hair and styled it. Leah walked back into the bathroom and brushed her hair. She was wearing a light blue sundress and blue sparkly toms. She put on a little bit of makeup.

We walked out of her room and went downstairs. Niall was on the couch filling something out.

“What are you doing?” Leah asked Niall.

“I am going to audition for X-factor.”

“You should do that Louis.” She said to me.

“I always wanted to.” I said.

“There is another form on the counter, you can fill that out.” Niall said. I nodded my head and got the form. I sat at the table and filled it out. Leah sat down beside me and watched me.

I finished and Niall took it.

“I am going to the post office to mail this.” Niall said. I nodded my head and he left.

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