Still Waiting.

Leah Horan is 17 and just moved to london with her brother niall after her parents died. She just got out of a relationship and didnt expect love at the moment. When she goes to school, she meets Louis Tomlinson. She falls in love but tries to srat away. Will she end up with louis? Read to find out. I am not really good with summarys. the fan fiction is much better than the summary. I hope you guys like it. :) XXX


10. Cemetery

Leah’s POV

I started crying when I saw the address. Louis pulled me in a hug and asked, “What?” “Niall is at the same cemetery where my parents are buried.” He hugged me tighter and picked me up bridal style. He ran downstairs and into his car. He sat me down and started driving. I told him the address and he started speeding without getting caught by the cops. “Call the police.” He said while concentrating on the road. I nodded my head and did what he told me to do. I finished the call really quick and we were at the cemetery in no time. We got out and ran all around the place. We could not find him. We stopped running and tried to catch our breathes. “AHHHHHH!!!!!” we heard from the woods. “Did you hear that?” I asked Louis. He nodded his head. We started running towards the woods right behind the cemetery. I had a fear of woods but I didn’t care at this point. All I wanted was Niall. We were running as fast as we could. When we were at the point of entering I got scared. My knees were going weak, I had a bad headache, and I was crying a little of all the scary thoughts going through my head. Louis noticed I stopped running and ran back to me. He wrapped his arms around me in one of his warm and loving hugs. “What’s wrong?”  He asked squeezing me tighter and tighter. “I have a phobia of the woods.” I said crying a little harder. “We will do this together. I will never let anything happen to you. I love you with all of my heart and I promise you that I will protect you.” He said looking into my eyes. “I love you too.” I said while nodding my head. He picked me up in bridal style and ran in the woods. Right when we got in half way I shut my eyes and cried harder and harder into his chest. He followed the sound of Niall’s scream. I was scared of what we would face when we reached Niall. He put me down and I opened my eyes very slowly. I opened them and the first thing I saw was Niall barely alive, laying on the ground, and covered with blood. Louis ran to him and I followed. Louis helped Niall up while I screamed help so the police will hear us. Minutes later, the police and the ambulance arrive and they get Niall into the ambulance and start driving. “We will be at Harris on McCarty street.” The doctor said. We nodded our heads and started running to the car. We got into the car and started driving to the hospital. Louis handed me a tissue and entwined his fingers with mine. We got there in about 10 minutes. We ran out and into the hospital. A lady at the front desk looked at us with a big smile across her face. I would normally smile back but I wasn’t in the mood. “Ello. We are here to see Niall Horan. This is Leah Horan his sister and I’m the friend of Niall and girlfriend of sister.” Louis said while holding my hand tight. “The room number is 145 on the second floor.” She said while turning that smile into a frown. “Thanks.” Louis said. We ran to the elevator and luckily the elevator was open but empty. We ran into the elevator and clicked two. It seemed like the elevator was going as slow as it could go. Finally we reached the second floor. We ran out and looked at every number. 141, 142, 143, 144, 145. I read. I stopped and ran in and Louis followed behind. We walked in and saw Niall getting cleaned off by these nurses. “Hey Leah.” Niall said with a very scratchy voice. I ran up to him and the nurses pushed me back. “Please do not get up close to him until we finish.” They said. I scooted back and ran into Louis’ arms. He wrapped me in a hug and I cried into his shoulder from the sight of Niall half dead. He was singing very softly in my ear to keeping me from crying harder. I stopped crying and turned around. Niall had his eyes open and he was smiling at me. “It’s ok Leah. I’m fine” He said. I nodded my head. Not long after the nurses left. I walked up to Niall and held his hand tight. Louis was behind me rubbing my back. “What happened Niall?” I asked. “I was sitting in my room and I heard the front door close. I got up and went downstairs assuming it was you. It wasn’t. It was 5 boys. They were wearing ski masks and I tried to get the bat to defend myself but one of the boys ran up to me and punched me in the stomach. I passed out and I don’t remember much after. I just remember waking up seeing Louis and you.” He said while dozing off a little. “Go to sleep Niall.” I said thinking about the information he had just told me. He nodded his head and closed his eyes. Soon after, he fell asleep. We sat on the couch and the doctor came in. “Hi I am dr. stove.” He said. We got up and shook his hand and introduced ourselves. “Do you know what happened to your brother?” He asked me. I explained what he had told me and cried a little. “Ok. Well we did some x-rays and some tests. He broke his bone in his left leg and his right ankle. He has been stabbed in his right shoulder and his left side. He has bruises all over his body so he will probably be in a wheel chair for a while. He will have to stay in the hospital for a while so he can heel a little before we release him.” He said. I nodded my head the whole time. I wasn’t in the mood to talk. “Ok thanks doc.” Said Louis. The doctor left the room and we sat on the couch. Louis wrapped his arms around me and moved me on his lap. I wrapped my legs around him and his arms were around my waist. “Are you ok?” he asked. “Yeah just shocked and scared.” I said looking deep into his eyes. “Don’t be scared. Your brother will be fine. I promise. I will always be here.” He said while kissing my cheek. I smiled a little and leaned my head on his shoulder. I don’t remember much after. I only remember Louis singing a song I didn’t know and I fell asleep after. I woke up in my bed and Louis watching TV in my room eating a carrot. “Hey beautiful.” Said Louis when I woke up. “Hey. What time is it?” I asked while stretching. “It is 5 o’clock.” He said while looking at his phone. “Where is Niall?” I asked, hoping that all of this was just a dream. “Still at the hospital.” He said. “I am hungry and I want to go back to the hospital.” I said. “Ok.” He said while getting up and putting on a shirt. We got freshened up and left the house. “Where do you want to eat?” Louis asked while he drove. “Something close to the hospital.” I said. He nodded his head. I guess he decided the subway inside the hospital. We walked in and ordered. We got our food and drinks. We walked in the elevator and up to the second floor. We got out and walked inside Niall’s room. We saw him sitting up eating something and watching TV. “Hey.” I said smiling a little. “Hey sis.” He said smiling. I walked to him and saw that he was eating chicken. “How are you feeling?” I asked while Louis hands him his coke. “Better.” He said. I smiled and hugged him. “Ouch.” He said. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you.” I said. “It’s fine.” I smiled and he smiled back. Louis and I sat on the couch and ate our sandwiches. We finished and Niall was watching Finding Nemo. “Go home. It is getting late.” He said while turning off the TV. “I was going to stay the night.” I said while throwing my stuff away. “No you are not.” He said with a concern look on his face. “Fine. But I am coming in the morning.” “Ok love you and goodnight.” “Love you.” I said while walking out the door. “Can I speak to you Louis?” Niall asked. “Yea sure.” He answered. I waited in the hall for him thinking that it was private.

Louis’ POV.

“You take care of her.” Niall said. “I promise I will.” “You better or I will kick your ass.” “I will. I love your sister and never would hurt her. I hope you get better.” “Ok just remember. Bye.” He said when I walked out the door. I nodded my head and waved to him. I shut the door and got Leah and left.

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