Still Waiting.

Leah Horan is 17 and just moved to london with her brother niall after her parents died. She just got out of a relationship and didnt expect love at the moment. When she goes to school, she meets Louis Tomlinson. She falls in love but tries to srat away. Will she end up with louis? Read to find out. I am not really good with summarys. the fan fiction is much better than the summary. I hope you guys like it. :) XXX


7. Breakfast for a queen

Leah’s POV

I woke with the sun shining in my face. I looked at the clock on the wall and it read 11 O’clock. I looked at Louis and he was asleep. I kissed his lips and his eyes fluttered open. “Morning” he said with his sexy morning voice. I smiled and kissed him again. “What time is it?” he asked. “11” I said still smiling. We got up and he put some sweats and a t-shirt that was black and red striped. He handed me some sweats and a red t-shirt that said coke-a-coke He picked me up bridal style when I finished dressing. “Louis! What are you doing?” I asked confused. “Taking you to breakfast.” He said smiling really big. I laughed while he ran down the stairs. We got to the kitchen and he put me down. I kissed his cheek and he grabbed me and he kissed my neck which made me laugh a little. “Hello? Remember me?” Niall said standing in the doorway. “Sorry Niall” I said while Louis let go of me. We sat down at the table and a lady with black hair and really dark brown eyes. She looked Asian. “This is my maid Lo” he said. “Hi Lo” I said. She just looked at me with a dirty look. Louis just started laughing. “She doesn’t like guests.” He said while putting his arm around me. Lo came back with 3 plates full of food. They all had cereal, toast, eggs, and orange juice. “Thanks” I said smiling. She said something in a different language. I just kept on smiling. I turned around and saw Niall putting butter and strawberry jelly on his toast. “Pass the salt” He said eager to eat. I passed him the salt and gave me a really happy look. I looked at Louis who still had his arm around me. I picked up the butter knife and started putting butter and grape jelly on my toast. I finished and started eating the scrambled eggs. “Yum!” I said when I finished chewing. “It is good!” Niall said. “Thanks” said Lo in her very strong accent. I smiled at her and she smiled back. “I guess she likes you now.” Louis said. I smiled and hugged Louis. We finished and Lo came to the table and some other ladies followed and cleaned up the table. The boys went to the living room and turned on the TV while I went up stairs and got my phone. I came back down and sat beside Louis. He put his arm around me and I layed my head on his shoulder. He flipped through channels until he stopped on the movie Grease. We were half way through it when my phone went off. I got it out of my pocket and saw Ashley calling me. I answered it and said “Hey” “Hey what are you doing today?” “I don’t know really” I said. “Do you want to have a girl’s day out today?” “Love to!” I answered. “Where are you?” she asked when Louis started singing along to a song on the movie. “At Louis’” I said smiling. “OMG! You will have to tell me later. I will pick you up at your flat around 2.” She said excited. “Ok see you then. Bye” I said laughing a little. “Bye” when she said that she hung up. I looked at the time on my phone and it read 12:30. “Who was that?” Louis asked. “Ashley. She was wondering if I wanted to hang out with her today.” I answered. “Are you going to?” He asked. I nodded my head. “Ok what time is she coming to get you?” “2” I said while getting up. He got up after and so did Niall. “What time is it?” Niall asked while stretching. “12:30” I said. Louis’ smile became a frown. “Aww. You have to go. Don’t you?” “Yeah. Sorry babe.” I said while wrapping my arms around his neck. “It’s fine. I will just miss you a lot!” He said while wrapping his arms around my waist. We hugged while Niall rolled his eyes. “I will miss you too.” I said still hugging him. We let go and I ran upstairs. Louis followed after and Niall went into the room he stayed in. I walked into Louis’ room and went to the bathroom. I put on my clothes that I was wearing yesterday. Louis was in his closet trying to pick which striped shirt to wear. I walked into his closet and he finally picked out a navy blue and white striped shirt with some red jeans. He put them on and picked me up bridal style. He walked downstairs with me still in his arms. We got downstairs and he put me down. I saw Niall sitting on the couch watching the rest of grease. “Are you coming to the flat with me or are you staying here?” I asked Niall. “I guess I will come back to the flat and take a shower.” “Ok.” I answered while hugging Louis. I kissed his cheek and started walking to the door. “Is a kiss on the cheek all I get?” Louis said while grabbing me. I laughed and kissed his lips. We stayed kissing until Niall cleared his throat. “Sorry.”  I said while giving a quick kiss and a hug. I waved to him and got in the car. “Bye. I love you!” He said while put my seatbelt on. “Bye. Love you too.” I said back and drove away.

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