The house in the woods

When sapphire discovers friends from the past things get complicated with family issues,again.


2. Volteraa

I walk through the streets of volteraa , its just how I remember it beautiful and grande .
I take the back entrance making sure no one sees me there all at dinner at the moment so the hall ways are dead , I walk straight into the throne room and walk around three big oak thrones and sat on the throne in the centre to the front defiantly Aros .
As I wait I found a member of the guard to play with he was short with dark brown hair he was kinda cute , I had to admit I liked it when he used his powers to try and blind me but no one could break throw my shield .
Then I heard what I was listening for there was a fanfare with all types of trumpets then the big oak doors in front of me opened.
There faces were shocked , scared , worried they could of fainted or died on the spot if the wasn't alive for the rest of forever . They stared at me as I stared back I gave them a smug smile ,
" guards " Aro ordered an edge to his voice .
Then 10 guards ran towards me I kicked them of as if they were nothing injuring ever single one without standing up , I turned my attention back to Aro who slightly backed away then walked towards me hundreds of guards following behind him.
He smiled ,
" hello Sapphire my dear friend how nice it is to see you in all this time " he said out loud his thoughts ' omg why is she here is she going to over throw us why does she have to be so smug , smug little original b***h '.
I raised my eyebrows and throw a fire ball aimed straight at his head , he dogged it but I knew if I wanted it wouldn't event have to try to kill him at would be sudden and painful.
I looked at Casius who had something to say,
" hello Sappy honey how are you " I smiled and I growled to him as a warning .
I set aside my toy leaving him paralysed a short blonde who stood close to Aro wined
" brother " her voice filled with fear
" shut up blonde" I snapped
She shook with anger using her powers sending agonising pain towards me I pushed it away with a swipe of my hand and had her pined to the floor in seconds , I leaped up ,
" hello Aro my friend I am fine as you can see I came here as to answer your brother letter , I have tried to explain but he dose not listen and you have someone that well kind of belongs to
me and well I want her back and if I don't I will be forced to retaliate by that I mean killing people"
Aro snapped his fingers and his little slaves of guards bang a large coffin I walked over and opened the lid there layed a beautiful blonde she wore a knee length red satin dress I placed my hand over my mouth looking at the dagger through her heart . I touched the dagger and wrapped my hands over the stake pulling it out .
Her skin started to return it's colour her lips went a warm cherry pink her eyes snapped open I smiled greeting her ,
" hello auntie Rebekah " i said she returned my smile getting out of the coffin.
When we had finished greeting each other see stared back at Aro who stood beside his human friend Sally , Rebekah was furious as she ran over and drank Sally dry not spilling any of the blood from the wound she smiled I slapped Casius and we were gone . We ran back to Carlisle catching up on are way.
We walked back into Carlisle he walked up to me and hugged me then shook Rebekah's hand .
" don't worry I'm leaving before nicklaus gets here if I was you Sapphy I would run to it was very nice to meet you Dr Cullen I hope we meet again soon in the future ,have fun biting the squirrels " she said in her kind smug voice and she was gone before you could blink .
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