The house in the woods

When sapphire discovers friends from the past things get complicated with family issues,again.


3. Footsteps

I sat with Renesmee at the table we exchanged pictures with each other. I had taught Renesmee how to earlier she was getting better at it but still preferred to touch me. I for some reason still flinch away from me touch. Bella asked me about it a few days ago , I told her I never really liked to be touched after spending my life running. I explained it better then I think I said , how would you feel if everyone you ever loved or cared about was taken away from you , if you was truly happy but it burns to dust where does it leave you.

My thoughts were invaded by memories of Klaus the times he killed me and took away my family and when he killed my baby. I remembered being to weak to move and he snapped the poor things neck in front of me forcing me to watch. Tears pool in my eyes.
" He killed your baby?" I realise the Renesmee had seen everything, she had seen my memories and heard my thoughts and felt my emotions.
I nod.
Tears pool in her eyes. " that's evil, sorry " tears flow down her cheek.
I walk around the table and hug her ,
" No , please don't cry for me " I whisper as I wipe away her tears.

" But its bad , what he did to you" Renesmee crys.
" Please stop crying , I'm sorry I didn't mean for you to see that Nesssie " I wipe her tears as I say this. "Its ok we are friends now , event with what he did he's still my dad no matter what"

Suddenly I feel Renesmee's mood lift her sadness turns into joy. I look towards the door Jasper is looking into Renesmee's eyes. Jasper is using his power on Renesmee.
I smile at him ,
" Hey Nessie I think its time to be fed " he says I stand to leave the house.

When Renesmee leaves the room I am walk out the back door. A hand catches my arm,
"What do you think your doing , making Renesmee cry. I'm telling Edward about this " Jasper snarls and storms out of the room.
What an arse I think to myself.
I wonder through the forest a find a nice oak tree. I climb and curl up into a ball falling fast asleep.
I wake to the sound of footsteps.
My head shoots up.
A brown wolf walks through the forest his nose is on the ground looking for something . It takes me a minute to realise , ow crap he's looking for me.

He looks up towards the tree.
' Hey ty ' I say to tyler.
He turn into human form and smiled.
" Hey Sappy , " he blows me a kiss and climbs the tree to sit next to me " You know Nicks pretty pissed with you ".
' Ok stop with the everyones pissed with Sappy thing , so what brings you to these parts. '
" I was looking for a pack of wolves , you know to see if I could join " he smiles at me.
' I could take you to them ' I offer as I jump down from the tree.

I walk back to Carlisle's with Tyler. Fortunately Seth, Leah, Quil , Embry and Jacob are sitting outside the houses arguing about the baseball game.
" No way, boston won fair and square " Emmett booms. He looks up to see me. Then looks at Tyler.

'Boys I would like you to meet my friend Tyler ' my english accent makes the boys swoon.
Emmett jumps up ,
" Hey dude I'm Emmett , what are you?, because your defiantly not human or vampire "Emmett shakes Tyler's hand.
"Hey I'm Tyler ,I'm a werewolf. Which means your a vampire ".
" Wow your an actual werewolf " Emmett smiles his boyish smile.
" Are they not werewolfs to" Tyler nods towards the group.

' Hey Ty there werewolfs but not , what I'm saying is there shapeshifters that shift into werewolfs and werewolfs only. where as your an actual werewolf you know full moon silver bullets all that stuff . '
" Shapeshifters, wow that's quite something". Ty mutters.

' Hey Jake, do you think you could well ,help Ty tame his wolf ' I smile at him.
" Well I guess I could give it ago" He smiles at Tyler "welcome to the pack Tyler. " Jake shakes Tylers hand.

"Ow Sappy Klaus told me to give you this. " He pulls out a black box and envelope from his pocket.
I walk into the house and open the box inside is a pair of stunning diamond earrings. I open the envelope.

“Dear Sapphire , Happy 160,001,080 th Birthday ,NicKlaus xx”
Ow yeah my birthday I was hoping I would forget.
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