The house in the woods

When sapphire discovers friends from the past things get complicated with family issues,again.


4. birthday memories

Oww the joys of my birthday. I take the box into the house reading the card over and over.
I sigh and throw the note into the fire. I got to the kitchen to throw the earnings away.
I open the bin and look at them. I want to throw them away but some how I can't bring myself to.
I sigh closing the bin and walking away decide to give them to Renesmee she likes pretty things.

I walk into the music room Edwards playing softly to himself. I sweep throw the room trying to make as less noise as possible, I catch his eyes flicker up to me then back to the keys.
'You play beautifully ' I remark as I leave the room. I see him smile as I quickly look back.

I find Renesmee in Alice's room.
" Sappy!" Renesmee smiles and runs over to hug me.

' I have something for you ' I smile holding out my palm revealing the little box.
She takes it and opens it.

"Pretty" her words are almost a coo.
Alice comes over to look at the gift.

"Wow" she gasps "where did you get these from ?" She raises an eyebrow.

' Well erm... They we a gift but I'm not an earnings girl ' I smile trying to hide the false tone to my voice.

Alice helps Renesmee put them in.
The light catches them sending swimmers all around the room.
" It reminds me of mummy and daddy " Renesmee smiles up at me.

I walk down the stair case to see Carlisle waiting for me.
I hug him,
"Happy birthday" he whispers in my ear.
'Shh. Don't tell anyone' I whisper back.
I walk past Edward he mouths happy birthday at me and I mouth back thanks.

We walk into the garden,
" I got you something" Carlisle says stopping to take my had.

'Carlisle you know I don't like gifts ' I grin at him.

" I can assure you , you will like this one " he puts something in my hand.

I open my palm to find my necklace. I thought I lost it a hundred years ago. The Cullen and Michealson crests are engraved into the white gold locket. I flick the hatch to reveal two photos.
I and Carlisle outside the Eiffel tower in 1889 and me and Carlisle in a rose garden. I stroke the picture with my thumb.

' Ow Carlisle ' I say my voice braking on his name. ' Thank you its beautiful '.

" May I " he asks I nod handing him the locket and turning around for him to do the catch. He pulls my hair out from under the chain and hugs me.

He kisses my hair and takes my hand.
"Did you want to do anything? " I quickly shake my head last thing I want is to go out and get drunk but that does sound like a good idea.

' Just promise me you won't say anything or tell anyone please ' I plea. 
" Why don't you like people knowing?"

' I don't do birthdays never had time for them really or the other seasonal holidays ' I look down ' you know why' we are silent walking inside.

"Relax have some fun , your always so serious about things Sapphire " carlisle mock punches my shoulder.

'I'm not serious just alert' I smile.

" Come" Carlisle says tugging my hand into the house. I wave as I go past Edward who is now playing from a music sheet I recognise.
Oww he's playing my music sheets that I wrote.

' The tempos wrong and please don't play that song '

" Why? How do you know it? "

' I wrote it and because the song was written for someone who's dead now '

" Who was she or he "

' He was my lover and I don't want to talk about it '.

Edward stops attempting to play and leaves the room.
He leaves the lid up I walk over and trace the keys with my fingers. It was 500 years ago but I still remember every breath every pause every key and every memory.

Without realising it I am seated and playing pouring my thoughts memories and feelings into this piano.

William. His face his flicks through my mine.  The way his wavy hair would bounce while we ride together and us at are wedding down then that memory.

I remember the blood pouring from his chest as his heart was ripped out.
The blood splatter all over my wedding dress.  but most of all I rember his eyes I watched helpless and the colour drained and his last words echo through me “I love you forever and always”.
I remember him dropping to the ground to reveal NiKlaus behind him holding his heart.

The chords break beneath my fingertips and my eyes pool. I remember so vividly and today is not just my birthday it would of been my wedding day.

" Is that who he was " a voice startles me and I lash out clawing whatever is  behind me.

" Ouch " Edward touches the mark that disappears beneath his fingers.

' Sorry I just , I... ' My voice brakes and I sit back down and cry. ' It was all my fault '.

" No it wasn't he loved you I saw it in his eyes.  Its Klaus fault he did it ".

' Yes but he done it to get at me. He killed my baby and its all my fault because I ran '

Edward sits next to me and holds me to him he wraps his arms around me and I weep into his shoulder.

" Don't cry its your birthday , Come " he wipe the tears away "I want you to let it out all your feelings you said there was words to this song teach me " he turns around and starts playing.

I take a breath and sing,
' The day we met frozen I held my breath ,right from the start know I'd found the home for my heart beats fast colours and promises, how to be brave ,how can I love when I'm afraid to fall but watching you stand alone. All of my doubts suddenly goes away some how one step closer. '

I finish the piece with the tears still rolling down my cheeks. 

" I want you to say it " Edward faces me.

' Say what? '

" Say its not my fault "

' Its. Its not my fault '.

" Good now cheer up and Alice told me to give this to you. "

He hands me a champagne bottle.

' Are you planning on getting me drunk ' I ask after five glasses.

Tyler is sitting next to me still on his first.

" Yes and its working " Alice smiles and kisses my cheek.

" Oww and Happy Birthday! " Alice squeals.

' Alice shhh... '

" I think its to late for that we all know the original is a whole year older "Emmett says mock punching my shoulder.

' You know I hate birthdays right '. I say , I'm on my fifth glass.

" Yes ".

I sigh , ' I'm going to go see Klaus '. I take the champagne with me and head out the door.   

Before I know it I'm walking up the stairs into Nicks place.

"Katherine ? " He asks.

' Seriously , why does everyone think I'm that evil vampire slut '.

"Sappy? "

' Klaus' I smile at him.

"Are you drunk " I gesture a sign with my fingers that indicate I had a little

' just a tad '.I smile 'want some? '. I hold up the bottle.

"Please that is just what I need right now " I pour him a large glass and slow down on my glass trying not to get completely wrecked.

" Are you trying to get me drunk? " Klaus asks me.

' Trust me I asked Carlisle the same question '

He laughs and we clink glasses.

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