the boy who lived next door

Hi my name is Alice and i have lived in England for 3 years i used to live in America. I moved here from America because of a break up with my ex boyfriend, I know it sounds stupid flying all the way over here because of one boy but its the best decision iv ever made! But will it be there way forever? After meeting Famous boyband one direction her life changes, but for better or for worst?

thank you hope you like it x


1. Time away from home:

Hi im Alice im from america and i resently moved to England.  I have lived here for 3 years now and work in john lewis week days and hollister on weekends.  I live in London.  I moved here from America from a break up with my ex boyfriend Rob we were together for 5 years.  I thought he was the one for me but i caught him cheating on me with my friend Izzy.  I worked at a cafe in Amaerica thats where i met him.  But when i caught him cheating it broke me and i had no reason to stay so i left.  So far living in England has been great as i have gotten two well paid jobs i live in a nice flat and have a dog called roxy shes a small chiwawa.  I am a girly girl you could say as my flat is a purple pink blue type of house each room a different colour.  I have 2 good jobs and an amazing job but im 22 and havent got anyone since Rob. 

I want someone new to come into my life thats why i moved to England so far nothing has happened in the last 3 years.  This is my life.






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