the boy who lived next door

Hi my name is Alice and i have lived in England for 3 years i used to live in America. I moved here from America because of a break up with my ex boyfriend, I know it sounds stupid flying all the way over here because of one boy but its the best decision iv ever made! But will it be there way forever? After meeting Famous boyband one direction her life changes, but for better or for worst?

thank you hope you like it x


3. The next morning:

I wake up at 10am to get to work i quickly jump in the shower and get ready.  I jump in the car and drive off it takes me 15 mins before i get to work.  After 4 hours of work i relise i was meant to meet Harry outside my apartment at 12! i'm and hour late!  I quickly get my phone out i have 3 messages and a missed call, all from Harry.

From:The sexy Harry ;)

They il be outside your apartment in 10 mins see you soon :)xxx

From:The sexy Harry ;)

Hey where are you its 1:30 can you text me back please?xxx

From:The sexy Harry ;)

Hey maybe you havent left work yet but its 2 now can you call me back please xxx

To:The sexy Harry ;)

Im so sorry im on my way home il be 5 mins sorry i had to take an extra shift and forgot to text you so so so sorry hope i can make it up to you see you soon xxx

I get to my apartment to find Harry sitting there on the floor, but from his face i can see hes happy to see me :). 

"Wait there il be 2 minutes" i say quickly rushing into my apartment.


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