the boy who lived next door

Hi my name is Alice and i have lived in England for 3 years i used to live in America. I moved here from America because of a break up with my ex boyfriend, I know it sounds stupid flying all the way over here because of one boy but its the best decision iv ever made! But will it be there way forever? After meeting Famous boyband one direction her life changes, but for better or for worst?

thank you hope you like it x


4. Nialls party:

Harry drives us to Nialls in his porshe its so nice and expensive!!!

When we arive its a massive place with a pool and jacuzzi 2 of each! 1 inside and 1 outside of each.  Harry takes me to meet Zayne, Liam, Niall and Louis, they all seem so nice and friendly. 

Suddenly Harry takes my hand and takes me into the table tennis and games room.  No one else is here but us. 

"Il give you a gave of table tennis?" he says smiling.

"Yeah okay"

We play for and hour non stop he wins as i expected as im shit. 

"i win" he shouts waving his hands in the air.

"its not fair!" i run away when he turns around and hide behind the sofa i cover my face so i cant see when he is coming. 


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