the boy who lived next door

Hi my name is Alice and i have lived in England for 3 years i used to live in America. I moved here from America because of a break up with my ex boyfriend, I know it sounds stupid flying all the way over here because of one boy but its the best decision iv ever made! But will it be there way forever? After meeting Famous boyband one direction her life changes, but for better or for worst?

thank you hope you like it x


12. Meeting the others:

Alices pov:

"So the boys and I were wondering if you wanted to go to Thorpe park with us?"

"REALLY!" I shouted not realising how loud I was.

"Yes, do you like rollercoasters?"

"Love them" I smiled into his big green eyes and kissed him on the lips.

"When are we going?"


I got a bag out my wardrobe and packed some spare clothes, phone, purse, towel and got ready to leave.

Me and Harry went in my mini as it was hot and I could take the roof down, as we drove the wind blowing through our hair we had the music blasting out aloud and sang as we drove past many different cars.

It took us around 1hr to get to there but it didn't seem like a long journey.

When we got there we went on every ride, Harry found it funny how much I screamed, after we had finished going on all the rides I got changed and we went back home.

When we walked in Harry jumped onto the bed, I jumped on after him and lay there my head on his chest listening to his heart beating.

"Are you tired?"

"Yes you?"


We got up and got ready for bed, I wore one of Harrys t-shirts he had given me with some pants.

I fell straight asleep in Harrys arms.

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