the boy who lived next door

Hi my name is Alice and i have lived in England for 3 years i used to live in America. I moved here from America because of a break up with my ex boyfriend, I know it sounds stupid flying all the way over here because of one boy but its the best decision iv ever made! But will it be there way forever? After meeting Famous boyband one direction her life changes, but for better or for worst?

thank you hope you like it x


2. Life without you:

I have to wake up at 10am to get to work i get dressed into my tight fitting pencil skirt and tuck in a white blouse and add my name tag, i put some toast down and quickly brush my hair up in a pony and put some make up on grab my coat and bag and run out.  Rushing down the stairs that feel endless and its when i walk out to my blue it white strips on the top mini i relise i have left my car key on the hook.  I jump in the lift and grab the key lock the door and wait for the lift.  Im about to just walk down the stairs instead but the lift doors open and standing there is Harry from one directon!!!

" Are you going down?" he askes me his voice sounds amazing! 

"Yes are you?"

"No im accualy getting of here this is a shame!"

"ah what room number are you?"

"what you want to stalk me?" he laughs

"no" i say then start to laugh

"im in the room next to yours 24 so maybe il see you around ey" he winks at me and walks off.  I jump in the lift and re think about everything that just happened!

Then realise its 10:15! i have to be at work by 10:30 and it takes me 20mins to get there.  I jump in the car throw my bag and coat onto the seat next to me start the engine and go.

I get there in the nick of time i quickly drop my bag off in my locker and then sit by the make up stand.  Through the next 4 hours i have had 9 custermurs which isnt to bad.  I go to my lunch break and grab a starbucks and go home.

On the way in i go and see if i have any post, seviral bank payments and a hollister check :)  i get up to my flate and open my hollister envolope it says that i have an extra 25% off added on to my 25% off for all my hard work yes!!!:D

I go to the fridge but its empty.  I grab my coat and bag and lock up but right as i turn around i bump into Harry.

"oh sorry" i say foolishly.

" oh dont worry, so where are you off to now?" he says stairing into my eyes.

"shops have no food" i stare back at his eyes and notice how blue they are.

" ah same can you give me a lift?"

"yeah sure" i feel myself blush but try to hide it.

" is this your mini?!?!" he asks staring into my eyes as we meet each others gaze.

"yes" i unlock the car and jump in.

"ah its lovely always wanted one but gotta land rover instead"

we drive to the shops talking like bestfriends on the way we swap numbers well he puts my number into his and his into my phone. We finaly arive and spend about 30 mins walking around messing about. We get home and then we are standing outside our doors. 

" well thank you for the lift it was fun so il text you later?"

"yeah okay and your welcome bye" i turn around and walk into my house smiling really badly :) and now starting to feel stupid!

I unpack my shopping and sit on the coach and turn the tv on.  Im in the middle of watching Hollyoaks when my phone buzz's i grab my phone out my bag and its a text

from: The sexy Harry ;)  

Hey thanks for today it was fun :) really bored now though :( are you free tomorrow around 10 or so? As Niall is having a dinner thing and i was wondering if you wanted to come? dont warry if your busy though thanks  a lot


To: The sexy Harry;)

Hey i have work from 10 till 12 but can come after if thats okay thanks for inviting me.  Like your name btw :P


From: The sexy Harry ;)

Thats fine  will pick you up from yours at 12:30 see you then cant wait :) bye


Ah im going to see Niall tomorrow!!! omg why didnt i see Harry before?

I get tired and decide to go to bed i get ready and then my phone buzz's again

From: The sexy Harry;)

night beutiful see you in the morning :)


Ah i go to sleep smiling for once :)

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