Think About It

Auddie and Shelby live a compicated life. zayn malik is their brother. harry styles is their dad. and liam is shelby's boyfriend. and niall is auddie's boyfriend. and their best friend emily's boyfriend is louis! the boys are like constantly fighting with eachother! will they ever learn to get along? READ more to find out!!


8. will you take him back

shelby's pov:

niall i dont know if i should take him back or not

well you should because he said that stacey kissed him and he didnt kiss her

ya but

but nothing you are taking him back

he looks at my phone and takes it form me and jumps off my bed and goes out the door and yells behind him you have to chase me to get ur phone back or else i will call him! so i get up and run after him and i see that he ran out the door. i go out into the sun and i find him running down my yard. i run after him and i jump on his back once i caught up to him. he said man ur fast! no im not ur just slow and i grabbed my phone and ran into the house running into my dad. oops srry dad. then i run up into my brothers room and lock it. zayn and louid just stare at me confused. niall is chasing me i just got my phone from him. i hear him coming up the stairs. he knocks on the door and says let me in zayn. zayn laughs. and louis says we cant the princess says that we cant and he bursts out laughing. niall whines shelby come out!!!!! but i made a mistake and he grabs me by my waist. he puts me down and i trip him taking my phone back. then go to my room with zayn louis and niall on my trail. the girls come in to. i dial liams #. he answers.

hello this is liam.

hey liam this is shelby.

hey shelby

i decided ill take you back. i heard them saying yay!!! behind them and niall smiled.


i have to go bye



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