Think About It

Auddie and Shelby live a compicated life. zayn malik is their brother. harry styles is their dad. and liam is shelby's boyfriend. and niall is auddie's boyfriend. and their best friend emily's boyfriend is louis! the boys are like constantly fighting with eachother! will they ever learn to get along? READ more to find out!!


6. on the phone with liam

auddie's pov:

after shelby gave me the phone i answered. hello shelbys phone auddie speaking. hey auddie this is liam he said sounding comletely sad. can i talk to her he said. no she doesnt want to talk to you. right now she's sitting in the backseat of nialls car crying... i said. i know she's really upset but i need to tell her that stacey kissed me i didnt kiss her! he said. im srry but we gotta go were home bye. and i hung up.

i looked back at shelby who was waiting for her phone. i give it to her and we look in front of us louis and emily's cars were there they are here and so is zayn.  they must all be hanging out. so we go back inside. niall follows iin after shelby. auddie emily is in your room. said dad. oky nialls gonna be here for a bit. and i ran upstairs. i walk into my room to see emily txting. hey auddie! she says. hey i reply. wheres shelby? she asks. we see shelby walk past my room into hers and slamming the door. well that answers my question. she says.

shes sad... i say. why is she all sad like. she said. liam was kissing stacey but i answered her phone and liam said that stacey kissed him. i said. woah thats cold she said. ya i know they were perfect together.

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