Think About It

Auddie and Shelby live a compicated life. zayn malik is their brother. harry styles is their dad. and liam is shelby's boyfriend. and niall is auddie's boyfriend. and their best friend emily's boyfriend is louis! the boys are like constantly fighting with eachother! will they ever learn to get along? READ more to find out!!


4. in the car

nialls pov:

on our way to school i turned on the radio. i hear a noise auddies phone duh what else would it be?  who r u txtin? i ask. shelby she said. cool i say. i start to sing horribly to a song on the radio. it was really funny. we finnally get to school. i see liam louis shelby and emily all talking. i walk up to them with auddie holding my hand. shelby waves and makes a face at auddie. well someones in a bad mood i say and i laughs. i walk up to them all and shelby says hey aubbie. i laugh and auddie says weve been over this before. i have to admit shelby can be mean but she is really nice alot. i mean she is when liam and i are over. zayn walks up to us all. hey man i said. shelby says hey big brother! and hugs him and says wuss. i am not a wuss he says back. sure say that to your dresser and the dead spider. she laughs and grabs liam hand and kisses him on the cheek. ive got to go to class guys she says and leaves wiht liam. i have to go to says emily and louis and zayn. so we all leave together but liam and shelby are ahead of us.

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