Think About It

Auddie and Shelby live a compicated life. zayn malik is their brother. harry styles is their dad. and liam is shelby's boyfriend. and niall is auddie's boyfriend. and their best friend emily's boyfriend is louis! the boys are like constantly fighting with eachother! will they ever learn to get along? READ more to find out!!


5. class

liam's pov:

it may be the last day of school but this sucks. well atleast tomorrow i wont have to be here. me and shelby walk into class then go to our seats wich are 5 seats away from eachother. niall and louis are in the same class as us. oh ya and zayn is to. shelby takes a seat last and a boy walks by her and waves and she just rolls her eyes. i grabb my phone (which is on silent) and send a txt to shelby. who was that? i said. my ex she said. ah i said in reply. then she put her phone away so i do to. ~about 7 hrs later~

man class was boring i say to shelby. ya i know be right back i have to go talk to zayn she says. oky babe i say back.

while she was gone i was walking down the hallway and my ex girlfriend, stacey came up to me. hi liam she said. hi i said nervously. she frowned. so wheres shelby? she asked. talking to her brother i said. ah good thing she doesnt see this she said. see wha-. i was cut off by her kissing me.

shelby's pov:

so i was done talking to zayn. and i was going to catch up with liam. i was walking down the hallway when i saw him kissing his ex stacey. i just stopped and looked at him and stacey. he pulled away and just stared at her. and stacey turned to look at me. hello shelby she said giving me a smirk. what do you think you were doing to my boyfriend? i said crossing my arms. you mean him? oh he's not your boyfriend he's my boyfriend! she said in an innocent tone. i shook my head and said why liam? i said with tears welling in my eyes. i didn- i didnt let him finish because i saw niall walking by and i went over to him. hey he said. hi i said with tears running down my cheeks. whats wrong? he asked. i saw liam and stacey kissing. i said starting to cry again. he hugged me. i said it's fine. he said no its not thats not fine. whatever i said. wanna ride home? i have to go find your sister but you can come with us. he said. alright. i said sadly. we found auddie outside the school waiting for us. i said hi once we found her. she said arent you going to insult me? i said no im to sad. auddie said omg whats wrong your like never this sad! i told her the story and we left to go get into the car. on the way home i got a call from liam. told auddie and niall and they said to answer it. i didnt want to talk to him so i gave it to auddie.

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