Think About It

Auddie and Shelby live a compicated life. zayn malik is their brother. harry styles is their dad. and liam is shelby's boyfriend. and niall is auddie's boyfriend. and their best friend emily's boyfriend is louis! the boys are like constantly fighting with eachother! will they ever learn to get along? READ more to find out!!


14. ~3 years later~

~3 years later. harry's pov~


Shelby is now 18 and moving out and auddie is now 17 years moving out next year. Shelby got a big house not to far away from ours. yeah we are all going to miss her not being around but she is only about 3 blocks away.

auddies pov:

yeah im going to miss Shelby not being around but whatever. im still dating niall but Shelby and liam broke up but they are really good friends and they hang out all the time. right now we were all helping out by putting shelbys stuff into a moving thingy. 

"hey I wont be able to help you put things in your house cause me and Emily are going to a concert and we leave today." I said.

"what concert?" she asked.

you seriously need to ask? who do I have a obsession with?

theres two people


Austin mahone and Justin bieber im not stupid.

then what one do you think I am going to see in a concert?

hmm... Austin mahone?


nice have fun with that.

haha you make me laugh...

whatever auddie.



~about 25 mins later~


shelbys pov:

after packing everything into boxes and putting the boxes in the car and into the moving truck thing I was ready to go to the new house.

I was being hugged a lot. i.cant.breathe.

I said bye to everyone and left to the house.

it didn't take to long to get there since it was only 3 blocks away. I got out of the car and started to get boxes out of my car and onto the porch.

I need to unpack.

I walked into the house and started to unpack stuffs.


~~~~~~~~~~2 hrs laterrrrr~~~~~~~~~~~~



it was only 6:00 pm.....immmm borrrreeeddddd.

auddie and Emily aren't going be to home cause they already left...niall and liam could come over. im still not over them tying me up...yeah I remember.

*call to niall*

hey niall

hey done unpacking already?

yeah just finished.wanna come over?


okay im gonna call liam see you in a bit.

*end phone call*


*calls liam*

hey liam


wanna come over?

cant sorry

its okay liam bye!


*end phone call*

hmmmmmmmmmm I don't know who else to call soooo I guess its just me and niall cause its not like im going to call my brother just ewww.


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