Life without Lou

Stacey has been with Louis for three years, but she has some secrets to tell. When she drops the bomb shell on Lou he chucks her out but when she shows him things he never knew existed, will they kiss and make up or push her away even more?

* 1st fan fic ever so comments on how to improve would be nice but enjoy! :) *


2. The Truth

"what will I do if Louis won't even open the door" Stacey asked herself on the way up to the 12th floor it seemed to feel much slower than it used to. It stopped and she stepped out of the lift, and began to walk along the corridor towards the door when she stopped and turned to the door Stacey took a deep, long breath and knocked twice.

No-one answered so she was going to walk away then Louis spoke softly and slowly

"Who is it? House keeping?"

"No, Louis it's me Stacey please open the door I only want to talk to you" she pleaded

"NO!" he sounded angry "I never want to speak to you ever again, i thought that I made myself clear last week!" he roared like a lion.

Stacey took a deep breath "Then you leave me no choice" she pulled something out of her back pocket, pointed it at the lock on the door and said "Alohomora" loudly, there was a quiet clicking noise and stacey pushed open the door. There on the sofa were Louis and the other boys, she quickly shoved the object back into her pocket and at the samme time Louis got up and ran into the bathroom.

Zayn spoke first "what are you doing here?"

She was going to answer him "I-"

But Niall who looked gobsmacked shouted "how the hell did you do that!"


Liam spoke next "i dont know what your going to say to make any of this ok?" he gave her a quizzed look.


Finally Harry "you look nice" then added quickly after getting nasty looks from the boys "Louis doesnt want to see you bec-"

This time Stacey cut him off "WILL YOU JUST LET ME SEE HIM OR EVEN SPEAK TO HIM, also i don't see how this is your business!" she yelled

Liam spoke again "It became our business when Louis rang us and told us you were crazy!"

Stacey ignored Liam and said "i need to speak to Lou"

And before anyone could say a thing, she barged past and opened the door slowly. Peering inside she saw Louis sitting in side the bath staring at her wide-eyed at her, "I thought i locked that" he muttered, sniffing "and i thought i told you to leave me alone and take your madness with you!"

Stacey ran over to Louis and lent down, her face now inches from his."Louis, I came to tell you and show you something" she took a deep breath "Louis i'm a Witch"

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