Life without Lou

Stacey has been with Louis for three years, but she has some secrets to tell. When she drops the bomb shell on Lou he chucks her out but when she shows him things he never knew existed, will they kiss and make up or push her away even more?

* 1st fan fic ever so comments on how to improve would be nice but enjoy! :) *


4. Ruddy Owls

Stacey was about to tell Louis about her world, when there was shout from the living room

"Err... Louis there's a owl in here"  Stacey unlocked the door and and ran into the living room and there on top of the television was a large brown owl and around its ankle was a red letter.

"Oh my," were the only words she could manage to say, she ran over and untied the letter, looking at it more closley she realised it was a howler. Stacey was about to make a run for it when it exploded in her handsand the room was suddlenly filled with a deafingly loud voice it said " Dear Miss, Jones we have recived intelligence that you performed the Alohomora charm twice and the Avifors charm at 8:32am this morning in a Muggle inhabited place and in the presence of a Muggle.

You have already had several warnings of breaking the under age wizardery law, so we are sad to inform you that your trail will be on the 23rd of march at 10am. If you fail to come to this trail then 100 gallons will be removed from your vault at gringotts.

Hoping you are well,

Yours Sincerely,

Mafalda Hopkrik

Improper Use of Magic Office

Ministry of Magic"

And with that the letter closed and burnt to ashes on the floor. Stacey stalked of to the kitchen muttering something under her breath about the ministry of magic being unfair. All five boys were stood there speechless in the living room, staring at Stacey as she paced around the kitchen. Suddenly the owl on top of the tv took off and flew out of the open window. Harry broke the slience "How the hell did that letter speak?"

Liam spoke next "What are Gallons and where is Gringotts?"

Then Zayn "Who is Mafalda Hopkrik?"

Naill spoke loudly after Zayn "What the hell is a Muggle and a charm!"

At that moment Stacey walked back into the room, everyone said in time "WELL?!?"

"Ok... that letter was charmed with magic, Gallons are money and are Knuts and Sickles,also Gringotts is where all wizards keep their money and its on Daigon Alley in London, that was Mafalda Hopkrik and she works for the Ministry of Magic, Muggles are well guys none magical people and chrams are spells so are hexs and curses" Stacey looked up to see everyone staring at her."What? you all wanted to know " She said.

Liam looked at Louis and then back to Stacey " Lou i know you said that Stacey was crazy to think all of this up but how could she? also we have know her for three whole years and we know when she is lying, she twiddles her thumbs" he chuckled. Louis at this point was now pacing around the room "I beileve you"



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