Life without Lou

Stacey has been with Louis for three years, but she has some secrets to tell. When she drops the bomb shell on Lou he chucks her out but when she shows him things he never knew existed, will they kiss and make up or push her away even more?

* 1st fan fic ever so comments on how to improve would be nice but enjoy! :) *


3. Let me show you

"YOU HAVE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE, and i really think you need to go hospital! love" Louis told her.

"ok then, if you won't believe me i guess i'll have to show you" at that momentshe pulled out her wand from her back pocketand pointed it at the shampoo bottleand said clearly"Avifors!"and it turned into a blue tit.

"What?!?" Louis questioned


"what's that?" pointing at her wand in her hand.

"It's my wand, 11and a half inches, made from cherry tree and dragon heart-string and surpisingly swishy" she added lighty

"Are you mad put that thing down and come to your senses" Louis yelled.

"what do i have to do to make you believe me?"

There was a very long pause and then he answered "Tell me everything and show me more"

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