Life without Lou

Stacey has been with Louis for three years, but she has some secrets to tell. When she drops the bomb shell on Lou he chucks her out but when she shows him things he never knew existed, will they kiss and make up or push her away even more?

* 1st fan fic ever so comments on how to improve would be nice but enjoy! :) *


1. Changes

As Stacey looked up at the dimmed lights on the roof of her hotel room, they looked like shining stars. Her jet black hair was flowing wildly down past her shoulders, she got up and glanced at the alarm clock next to her it read six am.

She sighed and strolled over to the curtains opening them fully, the sun light filled the room giving her a warm, happy feeling in her tummy. But then that horrible feeling came back and a little voice telling her to call him yet again "no," Stacey thought to her self as she was sitting down on the stool next to the full length mirror, she looked down at her phone and a prang of pain attacked her heart. She had only started to use the muggle device because of Lou, she sighed again. Looking at her self in the mirror she thought she looked terrible her hair was too long, her ends spilt and it was stuck up in every direction. She could soon change that though thought to herself gleefully, closing her eyes and Imagining her hair a dark red instead of black and mid length, she opened her eyes and stared at her handy work because she looked exactly like she imagined her hair to be like. After her breakfast and a shower she finally decided to go to Louis' apartment and talk to him (it was worth a try after all?).

Stacey picked to wear was a white laced play suit, with purple toms, a bunch of necklaces and a flowery head band. As she looked in the mirror she smiled " at least I'm not wearing my robes,". Stacey hailed down a taxi driver told him the address, sitting back into the old and battered sits, she started to wonder if this really was a good idea after all?

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