Tell Me You Love Me.

Cameron,16, is a young girl, beautiful, smart, amazing, she just doesn't know it. She's been bullied, beaten, broken. And the result, low self-esteem, modest, shy, insecure. When a boy comes along, will he be able to boost her confidence, make her know she's beautiful and love her, or will he just be another boy to fall for, then break her heart? She's been hurt before, she's lost all hope, will he change all of this? All she wants is for him to Tell Her He Loves Her...


10. Oh No.

I ran through the school gates when I saw Tom and Bailey walking towards me. Oh no. I signed. Here we go. I took a deep breath in..

"Hey look it's cameron!" Bailey shouted to Tom.

"Hey Cameron! How's it going ugly?!"

"Did you go to the Bonfire Party?"

"I did, I saw an ugly fat oaph. It reminded me of you!"

They Both burt out laughing.

"See you later you fat milf! Wait, who would want to f**k you?!"

They both walked off smugly laughing, obviously proud of themselves. I had to fight hard to hold back the tears.

The insults just kept rolling in, all day. Not just by Tom and Bailey, by all the rest of their crew too!

Everyday, 24/7.



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