Tell Me You Love Me.

Cameron,16, is a young girl, beautiful, smart, amazing, she just doesn't know it. She's been bullied, beaten, broken. And the result, low self-esteem, modest, shy, insecure. When a boy comes along, will he be able to boost her confidence, make her know she's beautiful and love her, or will he just be another boy to fall for, then break her heart? She's been hurt before, she's lost all hope, will he change all of this? All she wants is for him to Tell Her He Loves Her...


8. About That Movie?

Later on that evening, I was browsing through facebook when a friend request came up.

"Fraser Doely wants to be your friend. Accept? Decline?"

I pressed 'Accept' obviously!

"Hey!:-)" I said to him on facebook.

"Hey Cameron:D"

"You Okay?:-)"

"Yeah I'm great, wbu?"

"Yeah I'm good:D"

"So Cam, about that movie..?" I suddenly got a terrible feeling in my stomach thinking he changed his mind!

"Yes?" I replied.

"Meet me at the cinema at seven?:)" Oh thank God!

"Yeah Great!:DD"

"Well I gotta go. Bye Cameron, see you Friday!:)"

"Okay Byeee!"

I started dancing around my room to Panic! At The Disco! BEST.WEEKEND.EVER.



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