Change Me

"You're changing me. No one is supposed to be able to do that" - Julianna Serenity McCoy. Julianna is an eighteen year old world famous sing, who's behaviour lately, has been off the walls. Once she crosses the line, she's sent to live with five boys who she doesn't know, in a place she's barely ever been to. She promised herself that she wouldn't let them change her, but after meeting one of them, her mind-set differs.


5. Why.


Niall spent the whole entire ride back to the house grinning, not because Julianna willingly chose to sit on his lap, but because she had said thanks, and she had been sincere about it. They got back and she immediately fled to her room. She quickly picked up her phone, and dialled Angelique's phone number.


"Pick up, pick up, pick up" She mumbled to herself, pacing around her room, and tapping on her leg with her free hand.


"You have officially reached the voicemail of Angelique Dawson. Don't be an ass, and leave a message so I know what you want" Julianna groaned, and ended the call halfway through the beep. She threw the phone onto her bed. Chewing on her lip, she stared at the phone for a minute, before running towards it and slipping it into her pocket.


It was about time for dinner, and she was about to leave her room, when there was a knock on the door. She opened it to see Niall standing there, hands in his pocket. "What?" She asked, trying not to sound bitter. She owed him, and she hated owing people. Kind of like Katniss. But she hated Katniss.


So nothing from that statement really appealed to her.


"We're going to have dinner, then watch a movie. Want to join us?" He asked, looking hopeful. She thought about it for a moment. "What movie?" She asked quietly. "Well it's Liam's turn to decided, so we're watching Toy Story" Niall shrugged, and Julianna nodded. 


"Alright" Julianna agreed, and Niall looked shocked. "Really? I mean yeah, okay, come on" His eyes were wide, and Julianna gave a bit of a sly half smile. It was the nicest Niall had seen her the past two days.


The two walked downstairs to the kitchen, where the other boys had been sitting, eating spaghetti. Niall sat down, and Julianna did too, just in a bit more of an awkward fashion. She served herself a bowl of the spaghetti, and the sauce, and began to eat. It was quiet, and as much as Julianna like it, it wasn't normal.


"What?" She snapped, noticing they were all staring at her. Their eyes dropped to their plates, and she rolled her eyes, twirling her fork to collect some of her food.


They all finished, still sitting in that awkward quiet they had started the meal with. They put away their dishes, and walked into the living room. It was a part of the house Julianna hadn't seen yet, although she hadn't seen most of the house yet.


It was a large room, and the walls were grey. The floor was carpeted, and in the middle there was a couch, along with two large recliners, and a large flat screen TV sitting in front of them. 


Liam started the movie and they all took their seats. Julianna sat on the middle of the couch, in between Liam and Niall, Harry and Louis sat cuddling on the recliner to the left, and Zayn sat alone on the recliner to the right. Julianna brought her knees to her chest.


"Take my love,

Before I go,

Cause you should know,

I'm about to break you hard"


Natalia Kills filled the room, and Julianna sprinted out of it, accepting the call.


"Jules! You know better than to call and not leave a message, I almost didn't call you back" Angelique barked through the phone, and Julianna winced. Angelique could be scary when she was annoyed or angry. "Sorry Ang, I wasn't really in a good mood, and you not picking up didn't make it any better" Julianna said, walking into the bathroom, and closing the door behind her.


"My battery died" Angelique said simply, "What put you in your mood?" She asked, and Julianna frowned. "Just some ass at the arcade" She said bitterly, and Angelique laughed. "The arcade? What the hell were you doing in the arcade?" She asked, and Julianna frowned. "The boys dragged me there, stop laughing" Julianna snapped, and Angelique took in a breath.


"So what did this kid do to you?" Angelique asked, and Julianna put the cover on the toilet seat, sitting down afterwards. "He just kind of creeped me out, and held onto me, and just... Ew" Julianna frowned, and Angelique didn't respond.


"Was he hot?" Angelique finally asked, and Julianna's mouth took the shape of an 'o'. "Ang! Alright, sort of, but not in a good way, you know?" Julianna said the last part quietly. "So what did you do about him?" Angelique asked, and Julianna shrugged to herself.


"Well, Niall came-" Angelique cut her off. "Niall. That's the Irish one, right?" She asked. "Yeah. Anyway, he kind of told him off, and when the guy wouldn't leave, he punched him in the face" Julianna said quietly. "Oh my God! That kid has a crush on you. If I were you I'd tap that Irish ass" Angelique giggled over the phone.


Julianna rolled her eyes, before responding. "He doesn't, and you don't even know him" She argued, and Angelique scoffed. "I don't have to know him to know he's hot. Why do you hate them so much? They actually seem pretty nice" Angelique said simply. 


"You know why I hate them" Julianna groaned quietly. "The fact that there your babysitters isn't a good enough reason, just get to know them" Angelique argued, and Julianna shook her head. "No, just never mind, I'm going to go" Julianna said. "Get to know them, Babe!" Angelique shouted as she hung up.


Niall, who had been standing outside, eavesdropping, quickly made his way back to the living room before she exited the bathroom. He knew he probably shouldn't have listened in, but he had to know. And it was true. She did hate him.


He sat back down at the couch quietly, pouting slightly, and continued to watch the movie. Julianna came back a couple minutes after him, looking upset herself. 


The movie ended, and Julianna quickly went up to her room, closing the door. She sat on her bed, and considered what Angelique had said on the phone. She wasn't really good at getting to know people. She didn't really like talking to people. It was  just uncomfortable for her.


Soon there was another knock at her door, and she stood up, and opened it. Niall was standing there once again, but this time his arms were crossed. "What would you like?" She asked crinkling her eyebrows. He looked almost angry, and that made her confused.


"I want to know why" He said simply, and she crinkled her eyebrows. "Why what?" She asked, and he took a minute to respond.


"Why you hate me."

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