Change Me

"You're changing me. No one is supposed to be able to do that" - Julianna Serenity McCoy. Julianna is an eighteen year old world famous sing, who's behaviour lately, has been off the walls. Once she crosses the line, she's sent to live with five boys who she doesn't know, in a place she's barely ever been to. She promised herself that she wouldn't let them change her, but after meeting one of them, her mind-set differs.


7. Recording.

Julianna woke the next morning, after three hours of sleep, to her cell phone ringing. She groaned, and pressed accept, not bothering to check who was calling her. "Hello?" She mumbled, rubbing her eyes slightly, and sitting up to start the conversation.


"Julie! Babe, it's good to hear from you" Julianna's manager, Ramona sounded too awake for the hour she had called. "Don't call me Julie, I've told you that a million times" Julianna yawned, before continuing, "Besides, you called me, remember?". Ramona chuckled on the other end. "Right, right" She replied, and Julianna frowned.


"So, uh, why are you calling?" She asked, and Ramona laughed once again. "Oh, I was just calling to tell you, you have to work today" She replied simply, and Julianna nodded. "Alright, what am I doing?" She asked. "Just recording those two songs you sent in, you memorized them, right?" She asked and Julianna rolled her eyes.


"I wrote them, of course I've memorized them" Julianna mumbled over the phone. "Great! The boy's will drive you over at ten. Bye!" She trilled, before hanging up. Julianna groaned, before falling back on her bed. She wasn't too excited to record. She was tired, and a bit cranky, like she could snap at any moment.


She got off of her bed a few minutes later, brushing through her hair, and putting it up in a bun. Shuffling through her dresser, and closet, she finally decided on a white tank top, jean shorts, and a leather vest. She fixed her make-up, and yawned softly, before walking downstairs to meet the guys.


"Good morning, Julianna!" Louis said, cheerfully. "Mmm" Julianna used as her reply, sitting down next to Niall, and resting her head on his shoulder, tiredly. "We're taking you to record today, I guess" He said to her quietly, playing with her hair. "Yeah, Ramona called me this morning" Julianna nodded.


"D'you want something to eat?" He asked, and she frowned. "No" She yawned for the second time that morning. "You sure? You've got a bit of a long day ahead of you" Harry said, sitting down beside her. She just kind of waved him off, not wanting to eat. "Alright" Harry shrugged, and leaned back.


"Might as well get going then" Liam said, walking towards the door. Julianna lifted her head from Niall's shoulder, and followed his actions, picking up her bag along the way, and heading out to the car with the boys. 


She sat on Niall's lap once again, although this time less hostile.


Soon they arrived in front of what Julianna thought was the recording studio. They all got out of the car, and went inside. It was just like any other recording studio Julianna had been in, although everyone there was british.


"Ah, hello Julianna!" The man, who looked about mid thirties, clasped his hands together, and walked over to the group. "You five, go sit over there. Julianna, come with me" He said, showing the boys the couches, where they could sit, before taking Julianna into the room where she would record.


"I'm Josh, by the way" He started speaking through the microphone "We're going to start with Write You Off". Julianna nodded. "Alright," She replied, putting on her head phones, and beginning to sing.


"I wonder what you're thinking,
Do you lie awake and do I cross your mind,
And could you be waiting for a pretty face to make you come alive,
Make me believe that you're gone,
Before I figure it all out,
I hate the way I'm hanging on.
I could ask you to stay,
but it's too late"


She started, and soon enough she was finished. "Perfect! Can we just run through the 'Baby where were you' part quickly?" He asked, and Julianna nodded, starting to sing again. 


"And when I was fighting to see us through,
Baby where were you?
Were you ever there at all?"


She sang it for the second time, and then a third, before Josh accepted it. "Great! On to the next, yeah? You can't win" He said, and Julianna cleared her throat, before fixing her head phones, and starting to sing again.


"If you go,
They'll say you're following,
If you don't,
Then you're to good for them,
If you smile, 
You must be ignorant,
If you don't,
What's your problem?"


She continued on until finishing, where Josh had her repeat it a few time. She finally finished, and took a large sip of her water, before walking out of the studio, and meeting up with Josh and the boys. "Woah! Julianna that was brilliant" Louis grinned, and the boys nodded along with him.


"Yeah, Lou's right. You're really good" Zayn added, which was about the most he had really said to her in the past three days. Niall grinned at her, and she returned the smile. "You're all done for the day, love" Josh smiled, before walking away. Julianna waved before he turned, and the boys did too.


"Well, take me to lunch?" She asked the boys, hooking arms with Niall, and walking out of the room with them. "Sure, lunch sounds good" Harry responded, and the boys nodded in return, following the two out the door. "Oh! Let's go to Nandos" Niall suggested happily.


"Niall, we just went to Nandos yesterday" Julianna reminded him. "True, but one can never get enough Nandos" Niall stated, and everyone laughed.

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