Change Me

"You're changing me. No one is supposed to be able to do that" - Julianna Serenity McCoy. Julianna is an eighteen year old world famous sing, who's behaviour lately, has been off the walls. Once she crosses the line, she's sent to live with five boys who she doesn't know, in a place she's barely ever been to. She promised herself that she wouldn't let them change her, but after meeting one of them, her mind-set differs.


3. Phone Calls and Conversations.

"Here we are, your new room. We uh, didn't know how to decorate, so we figured we'd leave it up to you" Niall said, opening the door to a simple room, with teal walls. "Teal?" Julianna asked, raising her eyebrow at him. "I'd heard it was your favourite colour, sorry" He mumbled. "No," She started, looking around the the room, her face blank, "You were right". He nodded, and shoved his hands into his pockets.


She raised here eyebrows at him, and he took a moment to catch on. "Oh, right, sorry. I'll, uh, call you for dinner" He said, leaving the room. She frowned, and sat on her new bed. It had white bedding, and was really simple, but simple wasn't often something she appreciated.


She took her cell phone out of her purse, and quickly dialled in Angelique's phone number. "Julianna, dearest, took you long enough" Angelique voice rang out over the phone. "Yeah, sorry, I got held up taking a flight into London" Julianna said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.


"You may not think I know this, but I totally know you just rolled your eyes. So stop it" Angelique said simply, and Julianna gave a small smile. "I really wish I was back in New York with you" Julianna sighed to her best friend.


"Oh my God Jules, you are in London. London! With five totally hot guys! Flirt or something, I don't know. Warm up to them, and then convince them to take you to a party. Just live a little, this could be great for you. Do you know how many hot guys are in London? Yeah, a lot. I bet at least half the cast of Harry Potter is there. And that olympic diver. So seriously, shut up and go kiss a guy or something." Angelique rambled, and Julianna frowned.


"Gee, thanks for the pep talk Angie. I'm sure the five guys who are supposed to keep me from partying are going to take me to make out with a hot guy" Julianna replied sarcastically. "Uh, yeah. There you go!" Angelique said excitedly, and Julianna rolled her eyes once more.


"Sarcasm is a foreign language to you, isn't it?" Julianna asked her friend. "No, no. Don't you dare go all Lion King on me. You know I hate Disney movies" Angelique groaned, and Julianna chuckled emotionlessly. "I don't understand why though, Disney's the shit" She said, fully smiling for the first time that day.


"Well, whatever. I've gotta go, Trevor's calling, and you know he only calls when something hot's going on" Angelique said giddily. "Oh, yeah, have fun without me" Julianna frowned, and Angelique giggled. 


"I'll try babe, I'll take lots of pictures, maybe it'll get you into a partying mood. Love you, bye" Angelique squealed, before hanging up her cell phone, leaving Julianna to do the same. She threw it behind her, and slipped off her shoes, bringing her knees to her chest.


She sat there for a bit, before there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" She asked, bitterly. "It's Liam, mind if I come in?" The male voice asked, and she shrugged before realizing he couldn't see her. "I honestly don't care" She muttered, and heard the door open, but she continued to look at the wall in front of her.


"Er hey" He said awkwardly, and she felt her bed sink a little. She grunted slightly in response, and he sighed. "Listen I know you probably-" She cut him off. "You don't know a thing" She dropped her knees and looked at him.


"Alright, fair enough. But just know you don't have to stay up in your room all the time, we're actually a fun bunch, y'know, when you give us a chance" He smiled, but she didn't return it. "Gee, I'm sure you're just dandy" She replied sarcastically.


"Well, we have food downstairs, if you want it" He said quietly, still smiling for some reason, one Julianna couldn't quite figure out. "Right" She responded emotionlessly, returning her gaze to the wall. 


She felt her bed rise slightly, and then heard the door close once again. She fell backwards, and sighed, getting her iPod, and putting in her headphones. She then began to drown out the world.




"Well? How'd it go?" Niall asked eagerly, as Liam returned to the kitchen. The boys had been sitting around the counter, eating pizza, when they decided to send Liam to talk to Julianna. Seeing as he was the 'sensible' one, they figured it would be best.


"Uh, her tone went from bitter to emotionless. That's good, right?" Liam asked, looking at them. "Aye! We're getting somewhere. Making progress" Louis grinned, and it was infectious, causing the other boys to smile back at him.


"Somewhere, yeah, but not very far" Zayn frowned, and Harry shrugged. "Rom wasn't built in a day" He said, before finishing his slice of pizza. "Brilliant input there Hazz, thanks for that" Louis said, patting Harrys shoulder.


"Harry's right, we knew going into this that it wouldn't be easy" Liam sighed, sitting down again. "I really didn't expect her to act like this" Niall said quietly, sounding disappointed. "Well, you know what people've been saying about her" Zayn frowned.


"I know. But that's just the paparazzi, I mean, they lie about us all the time" Niall returned his frown.


"It's not like we expected her to be happy about moving in with us" Liam offered, and Niall shrugged. "We can't give up on her Nialler, I'm sure once she realizes what brilliant, strapping young men we are, she'll come to her sense" Louis grinned once again, and Niall chuckled half-heartedly.


"Right" He nodded, reassuring himself. "Besides, after the day we have planned for tomorrow, she'll have to love us" Harry grinned, too.


Niall chewed on his lower lip, nodding slowly.


"Yeah, you're right Hazz" He smiled, before throwing the paper plate that once held his pizza into the garbage. "My boobear's alway right" Louis tapped Harry's nose.


"I'm going to go to my room" Niall said, and smiled once more at the boys, before going upstairs

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