Change Me

"You're changing me. No one is supposed to be able to do that" - Julianna Serenity McCoy. Julianna is an eighteen year old world famous sing, who's behaviour lately, has been off the walls. Once she crosses the line, she's sent to live with five boys who she doesn't know, in a place she's barely ever been to. She promised herself that she wouldn't let them change her, but after meeting one of them, her mind-set differs.


1. Prologue.

Omniscient Point of View:

One Direction sat in front of a projector, looking at each other and the wall curiously. They were slightly nervous, they had been called in, told there was news, and expected to show up immediately. Of course that would be nerve wracking.

They heard the door open behind them, and saw Simon enter the room. "Hello boys" He said simply, walking towards the wall. "Hello uncle Simon" Was mumbled throughout the room. Music started to play, and the boys recognized it immediately.


Julianna Serenity McCoy.


They were all big fans, but didn't understand what they had to to do with her.


"You all know who this is, I presume?" He asked, and they all nodded. "Then you've probably noticed what everyone's saying about her" To this, they all shrugged, mumbling things that couldn't quite be made out. Of course they had heard about the events that included her in the past year. It wasn't pretty to say the least.


"Well then you know she need an attitude adjustment" Simon said, and they all nodded slightly in response.


"This is lovely and all, uncle Simon. I'm just wondering though, what do we have to do with it?" Louis Tomlinson spoke up, being the first of the boys, and asking the question they were all thinking. "Well, to be blunt about it, you're going to change her" Simon responded simply, causing looks of confusion to cross the boys faces.


"Why us?" Liam Payne asked, trying to sound as respectful as he could, rather than snarky, he wasn't to sure about the whole idea. "The five off you have adapted well to fame. Well, more so than others. For the most part, you haven't let it get to you. She needs to re-visit that part in her life. What better way then to be around people who seem to appreciate what they have?" Simon suggested, and they shrugged.


"Wait. Does this mean she'll be staying with us?" Niall Horan asked, getting excited. Of all the boys, he was the one who loved her the most. He had been a fan since her glory days on her television show "Forget About It" when she was ten, and he was eleven. Simon nodded in response.


A sly grin crossed Harry Styles face at the mention of a girl moving in.


"So this is what she is now" Simon said, pointing towards a picture that had appeared, of a drunken, angry Julianna, before continuing, "We need her to go back to the girl who was proud to sing Auld Lang Syne on New Years Eve in New York two years ago". Another picture appeared, this one of a sixteen year old Julianna, standing on stage in New York, singing.


"Think you can do it?" Simon asked, and the boys looked at each other, nodding slightly. Niall was the first to speak.


"We'll do it."

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