The Calling

Nobody is safe anymore, there's nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, the fate of humankind is set in stone, so how will you protect your soul?

...Not everyone gets The Calling but The Calling will get everyone...


6. Anticipation


It was the evening before school. Kirsty and I were sat in the newly discovered hideaway, her reading some crime fiction book from the shelves, and me, flicking through all the rubbish that is on telly these days, I settled for repeats of the popular jungle-related reality tv show. I had never really got into it, and it didn’t stay on our screen for long to be honest. One shot of a bath filled with cockroaches was enough for me. It was alright for some, Kirsty was obsessed with it, she thought it was brilliant, and so did my grandma, judging by the hour long phone calls she would share with Kirsty after every episode. Irritated, I flicked the screen off, threw down the remote, and wandered off to my room. Sat on the edge of my bed, I contemplated what the next day would mean. I had to make a good impression. I stood, and lazily dragged my feet across the carpet. Clicking my shoulders back and stretching my arms behind me, I yawned before opening the cupboard door. It had been a long day out, I had learnt a lot, met someone new. Which was a big deal! He spoke to me first, and I kept the conversation going. He hadn’t been scared off, it was nice. I half folded my clothes and left them on the chair next to the clothes rack, changing into my pyjamas and walking away, I left the cupboard open wide. I plodded into the bathroom and grabbed my toothbrush. Squeezing a marble of paste onto the bristles. As I stood by the mirror brushing I heard Kirsty stomp up the stairs, so quickly spat into the bowl, wiped my face and legged it out into the corridor where I was greeted by a sight I had been avoiding for the last month. It had come back…    
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