I love my friends <3 <3


1. The full thing

A short while ago, there lived two great friends in an estate near Cherrishwood. Charlie and Melody had been best friends since childhood. Now they were at secondary school together, a little way from home. They would have to cross a river, a forest and a beach to get their each day. Everyone knew of their friendship in school and they were famous for it.

One horrible morning, as the rain came bucketing down, the two friends set off on their normal route to school. They walked along the beach and discussed yesterdays science lesson on the Big Bang Theory. The two had different opinions which let to quite a heated argument. Strong language followed from both sides. Suddenly, Melody has an angry rush and slapped Charlie across the face. Shell shocked Charlie stared at her friend, then wrote in the sand 'today my best friend slapped me'. They continued on their way to school, no one saying a word.

Soon, they came to the river, which had overflowed from all the rain they had been getting. Charlie wasn't a good swimmer, but stepped into the river to cross anyway. Unfortunately she started to drown and the force of the water dragged her in the direction of the flood. Seeing this, Melody jumped into the river without thinking for a second. She dragged Charlie to safety, with great difficulty, hauling her back onto the river bank, helping her to catch her breath. Charlie dried off and the two friends continued on their walk to school.

They came to the last part of their walk, Nutwell Woods. Charlie took out a pair of nail clippers from her bag, and went over to a tree trunk that had fallen down. She bent down and carved into the end of the trunk 'today my friend saved my life'. Seeing all this, Melody could not help asking, "Why did you write 'my best friend slapped me' in the sand earlier and just write 'my best friend just saved my life' in that tree trunk?" Charlie replied, "Well, we should all forget the bad things that have happened and gone wrong, like writing in the sand because it will wash away soon. We should also remember the good things that have happened, like carving into wood because that will stay there forever." At that, the two friends hugged it out and carried onto school like nothing had happened...

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