Stole My Heart

Naina is off to Australia to meet her friends and family at a beach house when she runs into One Direction. She steals the hearts of 2 of the boys but she only takes the heart of one, while the other is off with her cousins. seems like a regular love story, eh? well there's a twist! read to find out.


2. Just Eating Subway


Naina's POV: whole way to the airport, I listened to my ‘before a soccer game’ playlist. Before I knew it, we had arrived. My family and I said our final goodbyes and made sure I was seated in the right boarding area. They waved me a goodbye and slowly headed towards the exit glancing back every couple of seconds. As soon as they were out of sight, I jumped up and headed towards Subway. My favorite fast food place. When an annoying recording of my cousins’ prank played thru my headphones. As looked down to change it I rammed straight into a blond haired boy. “I’m so sorry” I said taking off my huge headphones. “Naw its ok” said the boy in a quiet Irish accent. I could barely see his face. He was wearing jeans and a dark black hoodie with a purple snapback and sunglasses. The way he flinched when I bumped into him gave me the sense he was hiding from someone. “So what’s your name” I asked trying to start a conversation. The guy just ignored me, pretended like I wasn’t there. At that moment I knew he was hiding something, so I asked one more time “what’s your name?” After a couple of seconds he responded “Niall, and what may I ask is yours, love?” I giggled and replied “Naina.” “Pretty name” he grinned. That’s when it hit me. This was Niall Horan from the boy band One Direction. I absolutely LOVED them. And have been dying to watch their concert since the XFactor. I took a deep breath and decided not to fangirl and ask for an autograph considering the attention it would draw. Instead I just pretended I didn’t know who he was. “So...” he finally said. “What are you planning on ordering?” he smiled. I stood up straight and confidently answered. “Well Niall, if you must ask, I will be ordering my usual, the meatball sub on my favorite bread with every topping.” He laughed and then smiled “you’ve got a big appetite for a little girl” he said. “Why thank you” I took it as a compliment. By then, it was my turn to order, but Niall just stepped in front of me and read aloud my order, then ordered five more of the same sandwiches. I quickly tugged at the back of his shirt to find out what the heck he was up to.

Niall’s POV:  She tugged on my shirt and I turned around with the biggest grin on my face; gosh she had the deepest eyes I’ve seen. From what I noticed on her ticket when I bumped into her, she was in the row of seats as me and the boys. I knew she knew who I was, and was surprised when she didn’t start screaming. She was wearing a green T-shirt with the words “ART IS MY LIFE” and a pair of soccer shorts. From what I saw, she was 15, maybe 16 and very beautiful. Long dark hair and small dark eyes. “What are you doing?” she snapped at me. “Buying lunch for my lads and you” I laughed. She seemed flattered. “Why?” “Because I wanted you to meet them, and plus I know you know who I am, and this is my way of saying thank you for not blowing my cover.”

Naina’s POV: Niall was so sweet. Out of the whole band, he was always my least favorite. But I guess that changed. I smiled sweetly to his attempt of saying thank you. “What drink would you like, love?” he asked. “Root Beer” I answered. “Six Root Beers” he told the cashier. He smiled and grabbed my suitcase handing me the drinks while we walked over to four other guys.

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