Stole My Heart

Naina is off to Australia to meet her friends and family at a beach house when she runs into One Direction. She steals the hearts of 2 of the boys but she only takes the heart of one, while the other is off with her cousins. seems like a regular love story, eh? well there's a twist! read to find out.


9. Jelousy


Harry’s POV: as I turned around to ask Zayn for his mirror, I noticed Naina getting up, she was wearing glasses and a tank top showing off her curves. When Zayn pulled her back down to her seat I said good morning with a playful wink. She just blushed and sat back down. I realized Zayn in the corner of my eye giving me death stares. What was his problem? I liked her too, besides she was way too young for him, almost too young for me, why was he so protective over her?

Naina’s POV: when the plane landed I ran to the washroom putting in my contacts and some lip gloss. I changed into a red romper. My hair was back to its curly self so I put a fedora hat over it and smiled at my final appearance. When I opened the door I jerked back in fright as I saw Harry standing in front of me. What was it with these guys? “Hey there.” I said awkwardly. “Hey, just wanted to tell you that Zayn has your stuff so you don’t have to worry about it.” He smiled and led me out.

Zayn’s POV: I watched her and Harry walk out of the plane side by side and I could feel my blood starting to boil. I was furious with Harry, the onetime I actually like a girl he goes and steals her from me. When they finally caught up to us it was time to say goodbye. I handed her the black suitcase. “Thank you so much!” she smiled. I had to leave now before I started crying. The plane ride got me too attached to her, I think I either really liked her or I was in love. I smiled back holding in my tears. I was never going to see her smile or hear her laugh ever again.


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