Stole My Heart

Naina is off to Australia to meet her friends and family at a beach house when she runs into One Direction. She steals the hearts of 2 of the boys but she only takes the heart of one, while the other is off with her cousins. seems like a regular love story, eh? well there's a twist! read to find out.


8. Do you Always Listen To Music?


Naina’s POV: I hadn’t eaten butter chicken since last Christmas! I started gulping down my food. I heard a chuckle and turn to see Zayn smiling. “Where are you from?” he asked with a giggle. I smiled in embarrassment before I replied. “Ehh. It’s a long story I’m not sure-” before I could finish Zayn interrupted by saying “I’m all ears.” “Well my parents are both from Pakistan but my dad’s mom was full on 100% Portuguese who lived in Goa, India. And my grandpa on my mom’s side, well, he practically lived in London. And my aunt is full on Polish. So I have a pretty weird family. Where are you from?” I asked. “Simple. Dad from Pakistan, Mom from England” we both smiled and continued eating.  

Zayn’s POV: After we were done eating, Naina went to the washroom. She came back wearing a slim black tank top that showed off her curves, a pair of soccer shorts, damp hair and whoa!...glasses. I have to admit, for a 15 year old, she was fine. “Why do you wear contacts when you look beautiful in glasses?” I asked. “Because, they’re more comfortable and I needed to buy them for performances.” She said with a yawn. “Performances?” I asked confused. “I’ll tell you tomorrow.” She yawned again before she took out her IPod and put on some music. “Do you always listen to music while you’re sleeping?” I asked with a pleasant grin. “Yes. Do you want to listen?” she asked. I nodded, and she took out black earphones and handed me one. I smiled in excitement like a little kid opening a present. She put her IPod on shuffle and her head on my shoulder and we both fell asleep.

-skip rest of plane ride-

Zayn’s POV:  I woke up to the beginning of ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Michael Jackson and smiled. Then a voice rang over the P.A saying we were about to land and there was going to be turbulence. When I glanced at Naina I realized she was awake too. I was quite surprised that there wasn’t any mascara or eyeliner she had to fix, she put on her glasses and got up to go the washroom. I was about to let her through when I remembered there was going to be turbulence. I grabbed her waist and pulled back down onto her seat. “What?” she asked annoyed. Just as I opened my mouth, Hazza had to open his first. “Morning beautiful, don’t get up just yet there’s going to be turbulence since we’re landing soon.” He winked and she blushed and sat down again getting comfortable for the landing. And I glared at Harry.

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