Stole My Heart

Naina is off to Australia to meet her friends and family at a beach house when she runs into One Direction. She steals the hearts of 2 of the boys but she only takes the heart of one, while the other is off with her cousins. seems like a regular love story, eh? well there's a twist! read to find out.


7. Dinner On The Plane


Zayn’s POV: She scared me half to death when she ran out of First Class, without an explanation. For some reason I cared about her and her safety. I rushed out of First Class and followed her till she reached the bathroom. When she opened the door I sighed in relief. “Are you okay?” I asked in concern. Her eyes were red. Bloodshot. I guess I hadn’t recognized before she ran out. “Yeah I’m fine” she smiled. “I just forgot to take out my contacts before I had a nap.” She continued. I looked at her puzzled. “Are they colored?” I asked as we walked back to our seats. “No.” She replied. I smiled knowing that it was her natural color. “And your hair?” I asked. “Well. The color is natural, it has a red tint cause my grandma was a redhead from Portugal. But it’s naturally curly. I just prefer it straight.” She smiled. As we got to our seats the dinner was already placed on the little tables in front of us. She had the biggest grin on her face when she realized that she was eating butter chicken, and Indian curry. She quickly rushed into her seat and started eating as fast as Niall. I couldn’t help but laugh.

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