Stole My Heart

Naina is off to Australia to meet her friends and family at a beach house when she runs into One Direction. She steals the hearts of 2 of the boys but she only takes the heart of one, while the other is off with her cousins. seems like a regular love story, eh? well there's a twist! read to find out.


4. Besties With Louis


Louis POV: she was a cute little girl. I estimated around 15 or 16. I took her on walk explaining how we were going to be the best of friends. She laughed at all my jokes. A sweet little giggle could turn into a laughing fest easily with us. “You know, you’re gunna be great friends with Eleanor, my girlfriend.” I said. She smiled. “You two are perfect together, and Eleanor is beautiful.”  I smirked. She really was a lovely girl inside and out. After five minutes Naina and I were doing cartwheels around the boarding area until we got in trouble.

Naina’s POV: I felt like I had known Louis for ages, even though we’ve only been talking 10 minutes. He was even funnier in person. And really he did LOVE carrots. After getting caught for being mischievous, we were sent to sit down with the rest of the boys. We sat down and the rest of the boys looked up. “Have fun?” Harry winked. “As a matter of fact we did, and now I have a new best friend” smirked Louis. “So can we introduce ourselves to YOUR best friend now?” smiled Harry.  “No!” Louis shot back. And then calmed down with a laugh, “I want to” he smiled. Louis stood up with me and took me around the circle introducing me to all of them. “This one’s Harry.” He pointed to a curly haired green eyed cutie. “He’s a flirt, so don’t fall for him” he winked. Harry shot back at me with a smile. And I and Louis went on. “This is Liam” he presented a Justin Bieber look alike with curly hair, and deep brown eyes. “He’s the smart one, reads a lot. And his girlfriend just happens to be my girlfriends’ best friend. Her name is Danielle.” This I knew. Liam stood up and hugged me. He had the most welcoming hugs. We walked to Niall. And I was practically shoved ahead by Louis saying “that’s Niall he’s Irish, you already met him.” I smiled as he pushed me towards my favorite member of the band, Zayn Malik. I just stood there in awe. “Now this bad boy is Zayn.” Louis growled like a hungry tiger, which made me laugh. Zayn looked perfect in pictures but even better in real life. Zayn looked up from his phone and smiled while looking into my eyes, he was the only one without sunglasses, instead he wore fake nerd glasses, which looked amazayn on him. Just as Zayn got up to greet me with a hug, it was time to board the plane. 

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