Liam Payne is in jail for robbing a bank. One day when Cassie is visiting her uncle in jail she meets the singer there. She was never a fan and now dislikes them even more. She tries to stay clear of him but he won't let her ignore him. Will they uncover something?


2. Discovery

I ran to the desk outside and pressed play well holding the phone to the officer sitting there. She watched closely and called Liam out. He came and she studied them very closley. "If you can get me more evidence then he is free." She said. Why do I have to help him if I don't even like him? I reluctantly followed Niall to the bank. We sat outside and found three people he same height as Liam. Only to looked capable of disguising themselves do we brought them to the center. "Wgere were you when the bank was robbed?" I asked the first one. "I was at the pet store getting some more food and toys for my cat." She responded. "Where were you?" "Umm I was I mean I umm... I was robbing the bank disguised as Liam in disguise." Was the seconds reply. "Busted!" Me and Niall said. We brought him to the counter. " He admitted it." I said. He was brought to jail andean was allowed out. I thought I was finally free but now Liam was always hanging around me. I walked to my house bd slammed the door in his face. I ran upstairs and opened my window. I grabbed a rock from my potted plant and saw Liam on the sidewalks. I chucked it at him and ducked below the window. I peeked up and he want looking. I scooped and handful and pelted him. I closed my window. He looked over and I stuck my tongue at him. I saw my friend, Elise walking up. I ran downstairs and out the door. I ducked behind a bush in the gardn and pulled her behind it. We walked in the house and up to my room. "Soo he was on jail but even though I don't like him I found out he didn't rob the bank." I told her. She nodded. She didn't like then either. "Oh look." I said and pulled out my poster of them. "Yay!" She yelled. We walked downstairs and fiend my markers. We made Louis a bunny with a carrot in his mouth, Zayn holding a mirror, Niall
Eating a jumbo burger Liam with a laptop in front of him and Harry Holding a cat. We only drew on black marker though. We photocopy it in colour and I have Elise one. I hung up mine in my room. We had wanted to do that forever.
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