Liam Payne is in jail for robbing a bank. One day when Cassie is visiting her uncle in jail she meets the singer there. She was never a fan and now dislikes them even more. She tries to stay clear of him but he won't let her ignore him. Will they uncover something?


1. Jail

I walked to a table and sat down. Liam Payne who was now in jail say down if roby of me. I glared and hissed at him. He stayed there. I walked away but he grabbed my wrist. "Don't. Touch. Me!" I hissed. He pulled on the letter I was gripping tightly. I let go and he fell. I snatched my cars from him and stalked off to my uncle. He dragged me back to the table and I slapped him across the face. I walked out angrily and sat outside the visiting room. Liam was knocking on the window. I walked back in and glared at him. He grabbed my hand and dragged me to another table. I slapped him again and walked home. I grabbed my laptop from the kitchen table and went to my room. I researched him and found the bank he robbed. It was on the next block from here and I had been sitting outside the bank at the time. I had only seen one person go in and it handed been Liam. I shut down my laptop and jogged to the bank. I went inside and insisted I see the video footage. They finally let me and it showed a old man robbing the bank. I showed it to them and they phoned the police. They came and saw the footage. "Look closely you can see that it is a wig and it is Liam's face and also the same height as him." The officer said and left. I walked to the police center and was walking to my uncle who I still hadn't got to visit when Liam pulled me away again. He cornered me against the wall. "It wasn't me." He said. I pulled his hands out from the wall and slipped away as he fell. Niall Joran came in and showed me his phone. "I have proof." He said. I watched a video on his phone of Liam chucking jelly beans at Harry that had been recorded at the exact time the bank was robbed. "Sorry I said to Niall and grabbed his phone. I paused it and compared The Lian on the screen to real Liam. They looked the same.
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