The New Girl

This is a story from a game I played called Surviving High School. (You can get it free from the app store) The dialouge, characters, and storyline are not mine! I just thought I'd share with you what my outcome for one of the times I played. Enjoy!


1. So it Begins...

 I stood on the front step, my bag sitting next to me. I heard footsteps from inside, and then the door opened.

There you are... I can't believe it's been 5 years already! But don't worry, we're going to take care of you until your parents get back from teaching in Europe! You know, I still think you look like your cousin Samantha... Something about the eyes.” Aunt Cathy sure had a lot to say. Just then, my cousin stepped out of the kitchen and into the hall.

“Mom...” She looked annoyed. Aunt Cathy scolded her, “Now don't be rude, dear. Come over here and say hi to your cousin.” Sam came up behind her mom and spoke to me, looking everywhere but my face.

It's great to have you here again, cousin Britney.” She rolled her eyes. Something tells me she isn't to happy. I found my voice and answered, “It's good to see you too.” Sam looked a little angry now. She replied almost through gritted teeth, “It was so much fun hanging out when we were little... I'm sure it'll be just like old times.”

-(What's up with Sam? Is she holding an old grudge or something?)

Just then, the dog came trotting up to me and gave a little welcoming arf!

“Oh... And it looks like Puddles still remembers you!” Aunt Cathy smiled. I reached down and gave him a scratch. “Hey, boy! I missed you too! Oh and you can just call me Brit.” I said, then turned my attention back to my Aunt as she began to speak again.

I'm also sure you're going to love Centerscore High. In fact, you're going to get your first taste of it today!” Sam spoke up. But she still had a frown on her face. “I'm going to an emergency cheerleading tryout. You can come and watch.” Sam turned and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water.

“Go ahead and put your bag in the hallway, dear. You can unpack later.” Aunt Cathy got her car keys and went to start the car. I set my bag in the hall and went to the car.

-('Emergency cheerleading tryout?')

A few minutes later...

Okay girls, I'm off to buy groceries for Britaney's first meal with us tonight! I'll see you soon!” Aunt Cathy drove away, leaving Sam and I standing at the edge of the football field. I tried starting a conversation. “So...Uh...” but Sam cut me off. “Ew...Don't talk to me where other people might see, okay? The last thing I need is for my stupid cousin to ruin things right when I'm on the verge of becoming a cheerleader!” I was taken aback. (What was her problem?!)

But...I don't...” I stuttered.

“Look Brit, it's nothing personal. I just can't afford to be associated with some lame tomboy who nobody knows. I mean...You know how it is right?” She gave me a questioning look. I tried defending myself. “Actually...” But again, Sam cut me off. “Let's face it...You obviously don't know how to dress, and can barely speak without mumbling. And I can tell just by looking at you that you've never had a boyfriend!” A look of satisfaction and triumph came over Sam's face.

(Is it that obvious?!)

That's uh...That's...” I sighed and hung my head a little. “It's true. I am kind of shy around guys.” I looked up at Sam, expecting her to smirk and say something like 'I thought so'. But instead she frowned. “Aw, geez, don't look at me like that. I didn't mean to come off as a complete jerk. I just...I just really, really want this spot on the cheerleading team. And I can't let anything or anyone get in my way.” Her face had become a little more stern. Her expression suddenly changed to surprise and happiness.

Oh...Ohmygosh! Howard is coming this way! Don't say a word!” She was practically threatening me. I think she might like him or something. Howard came jogging up in a football uniform and his helmet tucked under his arm. He flashed a smile and said, “Hey Sam. Who's your friend?” he turned to me.

(Wow...He's, like completely gorgeous.) “I...I...I'm new here. My name's Britney, but call me Brit.” I smiled back at him. He nodded his head. “Cool. It's nice to have a new face around here.”

“Uh...Thanks. Your face isn't so bad either. I...I mean, you have a nice smile ...Er...Wait ..I..Uh..” I ducked my head and blushed, realizing what I just said. Thankfully, Sam jumped in. “You'll have to pardon her. She's not used to talking to..people.” She patted my shoulder quickly and smiled nervously. Howard frowned. “No worries. I remember how it was for me when I first got here. I was super nervous. But now I love it here and I'm sure you will too. Anyway, I'd better get back to football practice. See you around.” He smiled and gave a little wave as he jogged back to the other end of the field. I watched him go then turned to Sam, who clearly wasn't happy with me. “I told you not to talk to him! Just...Just stay away from me, okay? I'm going over there to try out.” She stomped away to join the other girls for tryouts.

(I guess I'll just watch the tryouts...)

A group of girls gathers nearby for the tryouts.

The girl in charge, (I heard the girls call her Taylor), started speaking. “Okay girls, line up! It's time to start your tryout. Now, as you may know, our good friend Amanda was injured during the tragic Winter Formal Snowball incident. That means we need a midseason replacement. Which is where you all come in. It's time to show us your moves girls. Whoever we like best becomes the newest member of the cheerleading team!” She smiled and clapped her hands. The girls began stretching or talking. Two girls went to Sam and they began talking. “Don't worry about a hing Samantha. You're

guaranteed to get this spot.” said one. “We'll make sure the other cheerleaders vote for you.” the other one said with a reasuring smile. Sam smiled as well. “Hehe. Thanks guys! But I should at least pretend to try out, right?”

(So that's how it is. Typical popular girl politics...)

The girls gathered together again and Taylor chose Sam to start. “Okay girls...Let's start with some throws!” A couple of guys from the football team were there to help. (Later I found that their names were Keith and Hector).

okay Sam. Let's give this a shot. Hector and I are going to give you a toss. But don't worry, we'll catch you.” The boys got in position. “I haven't let a girl get injured on my watch yet.” Hector said grinning. Then he frowned. “Er...Unless you count when I accidently broke Amanda's leg at Winter Formal...But..Uh...That was completely different, right?” Sam gave him an 'ok..stupid' look. “Uh, sure. Let's just try the throw.”

The guys get ready to throw Sam into the air.

“Hey! Careful where you're grabbing!” Sam scowled as the struggled to from up.

“I'm trying to get a good grip!” Hector protested. Sam got annoyed. “Go grip yourself!” she said angrily. Keith was all ready to go. “Uh..guys? We gotta do this throw on the count of three. One..Two..”

“Hey! I thought I warned you not to-” Sam was saying.

“Three!” Keith yelled.

Keith tries to heave Sam into the air, but Hector let's go. She comes flying towards Brit.

(As much as I'd like to, I can't just let Sam fall...I've got to catch her!)

Brit makes a heroic diving jump and catches Sam just before she hits the ground.

Everyone was shocked. “Woah! Did you see that?” Keith exclaimed.

“Nice move new girl! Are you here to try out?” Taylor asked. I was still underneathe Sam. “Oh...Uh...”

Would you please let go of me?!” Sam shrieked, scrambling to get up. “Er...Sorry.” I apologixed and got up. Sam brushed herself off and then adressed the crowd. “No offense, guys, but I'm sure Brit isn't interested.” I got angry all of a sudden. I think she was trying to show me up. “Actually..I am.” I glared at Sam. She glared back. “Are you sure? You're not exactly the cheerleading type.” By then I was steaming. I didn't want to fight with her, but she was making me look bad. “I guess we'll see, won't we?” I crossed my arms. Sam's face showed anger. “Oh this is so on.”

The tryouts begin!

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