17 year old Charlotte is having a great life. She has a boyfriend, (18 year old Shawn), a best friend, (17 year old Shannon), and of course, enemies. Shannon has a summer job and won't be around that much to be with Charlotte, Shawn has to go on a 3 week vacation with his family, and Charlotte's parents are away on a 2 month business trip. When Shawn leaves, Charlotte's secret admirer decides to make his move. Things get really out of hand, and no ones there to hear Charlotte's cry of help. She's trapped with no way out, yet. Will someone come to the rescue before it's too late? Before IT...happens....


1. Happy

'Hey', send. Beep. Incoming text from Shawn. 'Hey beautiful ;) what you up to?' Char smiled and texted back, 'Nothin. You wana come over, my parents left this morning for a month long business trip'. Beep. Another incoming text. 'Absolutly. Catch a movie? I'll be over in ten.' Char texted back, 'K :)' then set her phone down and threw some clothes on. Even though it was seven in the morning and she had had no intention of getting dressed, or even getting out of bed, but Shawn was coming and she had to be appropriate for him. Being appropriate for Shawn meant shorts and a tank top. He had told her countless times that she didn't have to look pretty when he was over. She didn't have to wear makeup or brush her hair. She could have a million pimples for all he cared. She was beautiful just the way she was.

Charlotte stumbled into the kitchen and grabbed a blueberry muffin. Then she headed to the living room. She munched on her muffin while setting up the movie area. She went back to the kitchen and opened the pantry door. Considering how early it was, Char was going to get another muffin or two to snack on during the movie, but deciding otherwise, she pulled out the popcorn. Finishing the muffin, and sticking the popcorn in the microwave, Char went and laid out a few movies. “Ding”. The doorbell announced Shawn's arrival. She opened the door and greeted him with a big hug. There was a beep from the kitchen, signaling that the popcorn was finished popping. Char shut the front door behind Shawn, and he followed her to the kitchen, setting his keys and, phone, and wallet on the counter. As Char pulled the steaming popcorn from the microwave, Shawn came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Good morning gorgeous.” he said and gave her a kiss. She smiled and poured the popcorn into a bowl. “ Come on Shaw, we still have to choose a movie.” Char grabbed a soda from the fridge and headed into the living room. Shawn pulled his jacket off and followed, also grabbing a soda from the fridge on his way out.

“So,” Char said, setting the soda and popcorn down and plopping on the couch. “What movie?” Shawn came in and put his soda on the side table. “Uh, how about Toy Story?” Char paused. “Eh. How about, Barbie?” she grinned and then giggled. Shawn plopped down next to her. “Tron?” he questioned. Char shrugged and got up to stick the movie in.

The movie began and Char cuddled up next to Shawn. He put his arm around her and they ate popcorn. Together, they laughed, shrieked, and frowned. By the time the movie ended, it was almost nine thirty.

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