Torn By choices

"Ok I'm gonna be straight forward about this..." She said, scratching the back of her neck.
He looked intently at her, waiting for her to continue.
"Are you a werewolf?" She blurted. Oh she knew how stupid that sounded!
"No" He replied in a flat tone.
"Vampire?" She tried.
He burst out laughing "God no! I assure you, am very much a normal human"
"Then whats your secret?" She questioned, no traces of humor in her voice.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


1. Prologue

Hey there! I'm new here so let me know what you guys think!

This story is completely my idea. I didn't intend to copy any other story! 




Life gives choices to everyone. It’s on us what we want to choose. There is a feeling of comfort in a person’s mind if they know they have the power to choose between right and wrong.  

It feels good to know that life has gifted you with options and that the thing that your heart desires the most will be with you.  

It’s not the same for me though….

My choices are what I am cursing right now…

Sometimes choosing becomes difficult…Sometimes you feel selfish, wanting both the choices equally bad.

The problem was, I couldn’t choose both and I knew I was absolutely incapable of choosing any one.

Whom to choose?

A person whom you love or your family?

Someone who showed you a new way to live life and who gave your life a whole new meaning or someone who has been there almost all your life, supporting you and protecting you?

How could someone happily choose between love and family?

That’s right…they can’t…just like you can’t choose between air and water because both are equally important for survival.

I was confused...

I needed both; the love of my life and my family to live… to stay happy and sane.

Too bad I can’t make that happen…

The cool night wind brushed against my skin. My night gown was whipping by the force of the wind and my hair danced with it.

I leaned closer to the railing of my balcony, spreading my arms on either side of me.

Closing my eyes, I imagined his face…

I still couldn’t believe how deeply I fell in love with him. I could never see the pain and hurt of rejection on his face if I choose my brothers…my family.

I pictured my 3 elder brothers in front of me. The eldest brother’s face covered with disapproval and disappointment of choosing someone else over family.

My brothers have always have always been with me with every single step I took in my life. They were there right by my side to catch me if I fell.

How could I possibly abandon them?

I held back my tears as my lips quivered and climbed the broad railing, holding the side wall for support.

I won’t choose. I want both my choices. If I can’t bring the peace back between my brother and love while being alive, then I’ll make sure it happens with my death.

Determined about my decision, I slowly let go of my hand from the wall, balancing myself on the railing, ignoring my pounding heart, ready to see if heaven was really as peaceful as they say…


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