Torn By choices

"Ok I'm gonna be straight forward about this..." She said, scratching the back of her neck.
He looked intently at her, waiting for her to continue.
"Are you a werewolf?" She blurted. Oh she knew how stupid that sounded!
"No" He replied in a flat tone.
"Vampire?" She tried.
He burst out laughing "God no! I assure you, am very much a normal human"
"Then whats your secret?" She questioned, no traces of humor in her voice.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


4. Chapter 3



Chapter 3

Samarah grabbed her lunch and quickly sat on a table, muttering curses to a certain person.

‘Ace...more like ass. How could he have the audacity to behave like that with me? Someone he doesn’t even know.' She thought.

If Samarah could, she would punch that arrogant guy and wipe the stupid smirk off his face by slapping him.

The more she thought about it, the more her blood boiled.

How could someone be such a stupid and an irritating person!

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn’t realize when her brothers walked in and took a seat on her either side.

“Hello-Woh! What’s with that predator look?” Aiden joked, slinging an arm on Samarah's shoulders casually while Jace raised an eyebrow at her curiously.

"It's for someone whom I had an encounter with...which he will definitely regret." She said, anger evident in her voice.

"He? Who he?" Jace questioned.

"Ass" she muttered under her breath.

"Come again?" Jace furrowed his eyebrows.

"Ace" she said, a little louder than last time.

"Oh" Was the only reply from her brother.

When her brothers asked what happened with Ace in detail, Samarah shrugged her shoulders, dismissing the topic as she continued eating her lunch. She did not want her brothers to turn their protective mode on or worst her eldest brother Liam, knowing about it. It will simply turn into a bigger deal than it is which was the last thing she wanted.

After lunch Samarah walked in to her next class which was the only one that she didn’t have with Aiden and Jace.

She was glad that she could now talk to new people rather than just being tangled in conversations with her brothers which often didn’t allow her to get to know other students in the class.

She took a seat at the back, not wanting to sit on the seats ahead in a mathematics class like any other sane 'not-a-genius-in-math' person would do.

She settled in her seat, wiggling a little and placed her bag aside after taking her books out and opening them.

Don’t be fooled by her facade. Concentrating in what was written in her books was not even on the list. She was least bothered about her math lectures. She usually just understood the application of formulas by one of her brothers before exams and that was it.

She was lost in her own sweet world that when suddenly a paper ball landed on her desk she jumped a little in surprise.

She looked around while grabbing the ball in her hand. She saw Ray waving at her with a fake smile, pointing at the paper ball in her hand and asking her to read it.

Without giving him another look, she turned her head back, so as to she was looking at the board. When the teacher turned around to write something on it, she quickly unwrapped the paper and smoothed the wrinkles off it with her fingers before reading it.

It simply read a 'hey' with a wink on the line beneath it. She rolled her eyes and quickly wrote 'back' next to 'hey' before crumpling the paper again and throwing it to his desk.

The teacher kept on explaing the chapter and up to this point she felt that he was explaining the chapter to the walls because almost all of them looked dozed out of it.

She tapped her foot on the floor impatiently earning her a glare from the girl sitting ahead of her who was sincerely paying attention to the teacher, making her wince slightly and mutter an apology. 

She was annoyed for some reason she didn’t know but her curiousness soon perked up when another crumbled paper ball landed on her desk.

'Wait for me after class. Don’t run off.' It read.

She turned her gaze at him and looked questioningly. He just shrugged, clearing his throat and staring at the teacher with fake enthusiasm when he looked at Ray.

'Definitely a lunatic' she thought in her mind, chuckling a little.

If he thought Samarah would actually wait for him so they could talk, then he clearly didn’t know her. So when the bell rung, signaling end of the lecture, Samarah quickly rushed out of the class after grabbing her bag.

She wanted to use the 5 minute break between the lectures to visit the washroom, so she turned towards an almost empty corridor which wasn't chaotic like the other one.

Her eyes widened when a hand covered her mouth, dragging her in one of the empty classes. She thrashed in the hold of the person, her eyes desperately searching the corridor for anyone who could help only to be disappointed.

Her back hit the wall of the class and she cursed internally.

'I swear I will break my back bone if I keep on getting pushed into walls by students in this school!'

Although, the plus point was that she could now see who was the person who scared her to death. She stared in confusion at Ray before it turned into rage.

"What the hell do you-" She looked at Ray accusingly but was cut off mid-sentence.

"Turn the volume down sweetheart. You don’t want anyone to find you with me in an empty class room like...this, would you?" He smirked.

It was then that Samarah realized how close they stood to each other. She pressed her back further into the wall, trying to get a little space between them, as if that was possible.

Both his hands rested on the wall, on either side of her head so she tried ducking under one of them with an intention to escape but of course he caught her move.

"What did I tell you about not running off? Hmm?" Ray asked, staring at her with an intensity in which Samarah couldn't feel really comfortable.

Samarah looked on the floor before taking deep breath. She looked back at Ray, nodding at him with confidence.

"Alright say whatever that is you want to."

"I want to know what exactly happened in the cafe" Ray said, before mentally slapping himself for the concern that seeped through his words. He was here to trouble this girl some more, not ask her to let her side of story out.

Samarah stayed silent for a while, observing Ray's confused eyes that looked down on the floor. 
'Out of all the things in the world, this was what he wanted to ask?' She mused.

Concern was the last emotion that she expected from Ray towards her.

While looking at him, her eyes fell on his neck, slowly travelling down to his collar bone. She gasped when she saw something.

Ray's gaze snapped to her to see if she was alright but then again cursed himself for that thought. 
When he brought himself out of this mental arguing, he figured she was looking towards his neck. 
His eyes hardened when he realized what she must have seen. He quickly adjusted his shirt, hiding the fresh burn mark near his collar bone.

"Let me see" Samarah urged, taking a step closer to him, softly reaching out for his shirt and pulling it aside, trying to get a better look at the mark.

"Leave" He said through clenched teeth but Samarah's attention was on the awfully red looking mark.

She sucked in a breath. "God, you need a doctor to see this Ray. It might be burning and hurting to you!" She exclaimed, looking up to meet his hard gaze.

"Just fu*k this" Ray cursed, shaking his head before turning around in attempt to walk out of the door.

"Oh no no no Mister." Samarah said, stopping him by wrapping her fingers around his wrist, and pushing him behind so he was the one with his back to the wall. 
"You need to see a doctor" She said seriously.

"I don’t need anyone" Ray said, closing his eyes like he was in pain....emotional pain. 

She couldn’t resist her urge to lightly stroke his cheek with her thumb. This hot skin felt way too comforting to her.

Oh how she wanted to hug him!

But she knew she couldn’t. It was just too inappropriate for her to do that because they hardly know each other.

'Yet I am, standing in front of him and comforting him'

"How did you get hurt?" She asked, wincing as she glanced at the burn again.

Something in Ray's eyes snapped and he gripped her arms tightly, shaking her while looking at her with rage.

"Stay away from me! You get it?!" He yelled before storming out of the empty classroom, leaving Samarah stunned.



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