Torn By choices

"Ok I'm gonna be straight forward about this..." She said, scratching the back of her neck.
He looked intently at her, waiting for her to continue.
"Are you a werewolf?" She blurted. Oh she knew how stupid that sounded!
"No" He replied in a flat tone.
"Vampire?" She tried.
He burst out laughing "God no! I assure you, am very much a normal human"
"Then whats your secret?" She questioned, no traces of humor in her voice.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


3. Chapter 2


During lunch break, she stepped in the cafeteria, letting her eyes glance around. It was full of people and their non-stop chattering. Some tables were having quiet conversations though, just how she liked.

Aiden and Jace were supposed to join her in a few moments. They had some things to take care of, though they didn’t mention to her what things.

She grabbed a tray and stood in the lunch line. The cue was long and it felt like she won’t be through with this for years. People were taking too much time to decide their meal while at the same time the line was growing big from behind. 

'Hello people! It isn't a rocket science to figure out your lunch!' She thought, imagining her self standing in front of them and throwing her hands up in annoyance.

She looked around with a bored expression, almost wanting to leave the line when her gaze fell at the entrance of the cafe. A certain group of students walked through the door and she could immediately feel the atmosphere tense. Of course, there were students who continued speaking like nothing happened but some visibly paled.

She turned around and shifted her weight from one foot to another nervously, two minds whether she should turn back around and see what’s up or just let it go.

She could hear some commotion from behind and she tapped her foot on the floor impatiently, wanting the people to move faster so she could just grab her lunch and get away from this situation. 

It took her another couple of minutes but soon she was the one standing in front of the lunch lady who greeted her with a kind smile and waited for her to choose her meal.

Just when she was about to speak up the meal’s name she heard someone speak behind her…

“Hey beautiful”

The male voice immediately sent chills up her spine, making goose bumps rise on her arms. 

Her eyes roamed about nervously trying think of something but seeing students looking at her, some intently while some fearfully, she gulped.

Nodding to herself, she curled her hands into tiny fists and turned around with determination. 
"Any problem?" She asked trying to sound casual. 

The guy smirked. "Not really though you need to move behind. It’s my chance to get lunch, babe" 

"If you didn't notice, this is a cue, join from behind" She said simply. 

"I don't need to stand in cue and wait for what I want" He replied back. 

"Well, as a matter of fact you do" She said.

"It doesn't matter. I'll get my lunch first"

His tone didn’t hold any humor but Samarah couldn’t help but feel amused. 

"I remember a student arguing for this with me when I was in 3rd grade. Are you sure you are a high school student? I mean, how immature is this." She said, letting out a small chuckle before turning around and going back to ordering for her lunch. 

Her soft brown hair and its shiny texture distracted Ace for a minute but soon anger covered his features when he heard his friends and some other students chuckle. 

He put a hand on Samarah's shoulder, turning her around roughly making her yelp in surprise. His tight grip promised a bruise till evening.

"What the hell huh?" He yelled in outrage. 

Samarah visibly cringed and tried taking a step back but in vain. 

"How can you talk to me like that?! Do you know who I am? Wait till Ray gets to hear about this. I'll make sure this school will be your living hell." He spat. 

She had no idea where the confidence came from but she dared to reply back with a witty answer. 
"Do you always make a big deal out of small things or is today a special day?" 

The man in front of her clenched his jaw, his face was red with anger which looked almost comical. She could imagine the smoke coming out from his ears. He obviously wasn't used to people denying him or arguing with him.

The images that played in her mind made it hard for her to control her laugh but somehow she managed. She couldn’t help and find it hilarious. 

He gripped her arm tight and pushed her backwards until her back hit the wall erasing all the humor in Samarah's eyes. She was uncomfortable now. A little space please, she thought.

"Don’t mess with people out of your league, girl" He said, taking a step close to her leaving no space between them. 

"Will you stop acting this way. You look far from normal right now. Just stop talking like that to me and move on already! You are making a big deal out of nothing!" She exclaimed. 

In that moment, before she could process what happened, Ace raised his hand to slap her but was immediately stopped by a loud dominative voice.

She looked over Ace's shoulder to see another guy standing there with a calm composure. 
"Let's go Ace. Let her be" He said. 

Ace turned around to Ray, looking at him in astonishment. 
"But Ray, she-" 

"Ace" Ray warned. His stern tone left no option with Ace than to follow what he said.

He turned around and glared at Samarah before letting go of her arm with force, making her back hit the wall.

"Jerk" She muttered under her breath. It was soft enough for Ace to not catch on with what she said. 

Ace and Ray went out of the cafeteria, some students followed them. Samarah couldn’t help but wonder about the look that Ray gave her while walking off.

Clearly there was some unfinished business. And guess what? She was ready for dealing with the school jerks. And if she failed to take care of them then when would her brother come to use? She smirked.

Ray would never bother stop a fight between his friend and some other student but today he did. 
Why? You might ask. Well even Ray wasn’t sure about it. When Ace asked, he simply shrugged. 

"Am seriously not going to leave that bitch. She'll pay for how she talked to me in front of the school." Ace seethed. 

The moment those words left Ace's mouth, emotions hit Ray like the waves of the ocean during a high tide. 
"Leave that girl out of this." He said simply yet his voice was hard and emotionless. 

"What? Why?" Ace asked with confusion. 

There was a silence between them for a while before Ray answered. 

"Because I'll be the one taking care of this one" He smirked.

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