Torn By choices

"Ok I'm gonna be straight forward about this..." She said, scratching the back of her neck.
He looked intently at her, waiting for her to continue.
"Are you a werewolf?" She blurted. Oh she knew how stupid that sounded!
"No" He replied in a flat tone.
"Vampire?" She tried.
He burst out laughing "God no! I assure you, am very much a normal human"
"Then whats your secret?" She questioned, no traces of humor in her voice.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


2. Chapter 1


Chapter  1


He walked in the halls of the high school like he owned the place. His hands casually tucked in his pockets while his friends followed him with the same confident attitude occasionally calling out names to the ones who were their frequent ‘targets’. As they walked the crowed hallways parted just for them to pass by. Yeah, they were like the princes of the school and Ray was the king.

Ray was dressed in a black shirt and ripped denim jeans. The shirt gave a hint of his biceps and abs worth drooling for. His bed hair just added to his mouth watering appearance. He carried himself confidently and looked around at people, seeing a couple of them cringing and looking away, trying to hide in their books or pretending to talk to someone just so they don’t become the next ‘target’.

One thing Ray believed was that there was no life without having people respecting you. He had his own way of getting respect although.  

While walking someone unintentionally brushed their shoulder with Ray’s making him stop in his tracks. Ray turned behind to look at the person who thought he could get away with it.

“Hey dummy…yeah you” He called out to the guy who turned to look behind questioningly at Ray. He was skinny with a bag hanging on one of his thin shoulders. He stood with a hunch and wore a red cap and a red T-shirt with jeans with his brown eyes hidden behind spectacles.

James’s gaze drifted around briefly then he looked back at Ray when he realized that it was him who was being called. He walked toward Ray, who stood with his other friends, his hands folded on his chest.

“Yeah?” James asked nervously. It was his 1st day of school here; he had no idea why he would be called out by a bunch of guys who clearly seemed to be popular.

Nevertheless, he thought. He stood in front of the grinning and smirking faces while fidgeting with the strap of his bag.

“Do you think I need to ask you to apologize?” Ray’s voice was cold.

“Apologize? But for what?” James asked, perplexed. He had no idea why he wasn’t just walking away from these people. But he knew that if he did, he would surely get into a big trouble with them.

“You pushed me.” Ray said, staring at him.

James looked around. There were people who looked at him with wide eyes making him utterly uncomfortable. What had he done? He questioned himself. He had no idea.

“Look, I don’t know. I didn’t feel like I pushed someone.” He said trying to choose his words carefully.

“It’s not about what you feel, dummy. I said you pushed me, so it means you did. No one raises question to what I say. Now, I want you to apologize.” Ray stepped close to James.

James’s hands were sweating. He wanted nothing more than just getting out of the situation and he wished he could just vanish away into thin air.

“Don’t call me dummy. I have a name. It’s James” He said, trying to stand without his legs shaking in front of the guy who had his jaw clenched tight.

“Well, like I care what your name is…dummy” Ray chuckled rolling his eyes.

“Stop calling me that!” James dared to raise his voice.

“Just apologize and I’ll let you raising your voice in front of me pass by or else the things I’ll do to you will make you wish you never crossed my path.” Ray said all the signs of his humor gone.

If James wasn’t scared before, he definitely was now.

“S-Sorry” He mentally cursed himself for stuttering but he couldn’t help it.

A smirk broke on Ray’s face. “See that wasn’t too difficult now, was it?”

He gripped James shoulders a little too hard for comfort and said, “See you later then”

Those words surely had a literal meaning to it and James wasn’t looking forward to it. He quickly scurried away from there, looking at the floor while taking big steps away from that tormenting guy.

The little incident was enough to boost a little more of Ray’s ego.  He smirked at James’s back and walked away to his class with his friends following.


Meanwhile Samarah curled and un-curled a lock of her hair around her finger, taking small nervous steps towards the school entrance.

She really hoped that things went good at this school and that she could make some good friends…actual friends…and not the ones who always were behind her just to get closer to her brothers.

Samarah had 3 brothers, Liam, Jace and Aiden. Liam being the eldest one among all of them.

He was 18 though and Samarah, Jace and Aiden were trailing behind by one year. Jace and Aiden were the twin brothers who were always around Samarah in school. They had almost all the classes same every time by pulling some strings with the principle.

All three of her brothers were extremely protective of their baby sister which was sometimes annoying but most of the times just plain adorable.

She loved them no matter what and could do absolutely anything for them.

She smiled as she thought about them and took longer, confident strides towards the school. It wasn’t long before Jace and Aiden joined her, walking on either side of her like bodyguards. She resisted her desire to chuckle and roll her eyes at them.

They crossed the hall that definitely seemed to be tensed with everyone frozen in their places. She could see some guys walking out of her view, with their backs to her.

Immediately as they left, the students visibly relaxed and went back to their chores like nothing happened.

She shrugged not thinking too much of it, grabbing her schedule from the office as her brothers followed her lead.

Things felt a little weird back there in the hallway but maybe she was just paranoid, she thought, after all it was her first day.

Little did she know what hell of a roller coaster ride this might be….turning her life upside down…messing up her carefully thought future. 

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