Runescape - Two Roles To Play Legacy

The Adventure of a small boy who grows up to be the mighty Dragon Slayer. Soon to become the Godly Warrior we see today. But as he grows up he finds out that different roles he will have to play to win the hearts of many and the one true thing she desires. The boy who finally realises that the past will always catch up to you.
Little Boy Alex the warrior


5. The Dangerous Situation


Alex,Alice!" the voice echoed through the evergreen forest. Lovely cool air just stroked against Alex's face. Alice turned to face Alex and told him that we are wanted back at the Inn. Alex agreed as he shook his head slowly. "Okay, I will go with you" Alex whispered silently. As Alex watched Alice go back to the Inn safely. He wondered why his father isn't back yet. 'The words could never be true. Unless it's an angel.' Out of the darkness ascended the beast. Alex put his head down on the grass, until a loud scream was heard near-by.

Alex pulled out his bronze dagger from his pocket. Slowly holding it towards the light, he whispered quietly. "I will not fail you father..." Alex dashed towards the forest's darkness slowly panting from the speed he was going. He could see blood on the grass where someone had been killed or possibly been attacked. He wondered where the creature was that did this. Though he wasn't sure if it was a creature that did it. He followed the small blood trail where it just ended next to the dirty pond. Trying to gain breathe he pulled himself up. Keeping his heart rate at a good speed. "Show yourself!" Alex shouted while holding the bronze dagger towards the pond. His voice was loud enough to be heard from miles away. 

Alice had just reached the Inn's front door. Until she heard Alex shouting, she promised that she would be there for him. Not to his face but to her soul. Alice wanted to save him so she quickly snatched the Inn keepers bow which was sitting on a rack outside. "I'm coming Alex" Alice whispered, meanwhile Alex started to get less fearless. He started shaking from the fact that his father isn't here to protect him. He knew that he would be there for him, but not this time. Not far from Alex Alice arrived at the location where the blood trail started. She slowly crept towards the pond silently. Out of no-where red eyes shined from the darkness. Alex taunted the beast with his dagger loudly. "Come on, attack me!" Alex shouted at the beast while fearless. His heart-rate started to get rapid from the fear inside of him. 

Just at that moment, Alice arrives where Alex is standing. "Alice you have to go back to the Inn!" Alex shouted but in a kind tone. She nodded as she refused to follow his orders. "No, I can't go back without you Alex" she said quietly as she stood dead still. Her movement was steady as Alex sighed from the fact that Alice won't listen to him. The dangerous situation got much worse. The beast revealed it's self, a giant 5 foot goblin approached them. It's eyes just stared into their souls. The jaws that it would use to chomp clashed together like magnets. "Alice, please you can't stay here now!" Alex shouted as he really cares about her. She ignored him and held her bow and arrow towards the goblin. 

"Stay away from us!" She bellowed as she swayed her bow. Alex was shocked that she was taunting it. The goblin got angrier and before Alex and Alice could defend, thousands of baby goblins surrounded them. The weapons they were all holding were dangerous to humans. Cross bows with poison bolts. The sharp spiky clubs that were held tightly in their hands. Alice started to get scared and so did Alex. However he didn't show his fear towards them, not in front of Alice either. The baby goblins started to move in on Alice. The giant goblin just clashed it's weapon off a near-by tree. "Alice!, attack them we have no choice!" Alex shouted loudly. Her bow just held facing the giant goblin with an arrow ready to fire. Alex's dagger held around one of the baby goblins neck. It was only a matter of time before...

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