Runescape - Two Roles To Play Legacy

The Adventure of a small boy who grows up to be the mighty Dragon Slayer. Soon to become the Godly Warrior we see today. But as he grows up he finds out that different roles he will have to play to win the hearts of many and the one true thing she desires. The boy who finally realises that the past will always catch up to you.
Little Boy Alex the warrior


2. Father? Father? Father...

Leave me, "break our past so it never shines". Our family ruined by heart break, wrecked by the ones we love. "Son, please come back" Father whispered while looking down at his leather boots. Cuts were on his left arm due to the windmill job. "I do all this for you son and my.. wife...". Back at Lumbridge Alex was relaxing against the castle wall. Small infected rats just spreading around him, biting his toes. Poor Alex could feel the teeth sink into his feet. "Off!" Alex shouted while kicking a small rat into the wall. He watched it land on the solid gravel. The blood just formed a small puddle next to his feet. All the wealthy knights just walked past him. Camelot Knight was passing by to get to the general store. 

Poor Alex had tomatoes thrown at his sad face. Coins thrown at his legs, the small cuts it had left in his leg. Alex sat there and let them do it, he didn't care much. No emotion, absolutely nothing... A brave warrior whipped him with a strong abyssal whip. The whip just left a small deep cut in his back. "Get off!" Alex shouted while picking up a shard of emerald that was just sitting by him. Alex leapt at the warrior and held the emerald shard to the warrior's throat. "Go on then son, kill me." the warrior said just causing him to back off. "Your words, Father." Alex whispered as the warrior over heard him. "Now back off!" poor Alex was thrown onto the ground. Women surrounded the warrior and he just walked off with them. Alex's eyes barely open from the pain...

"Son, wake up!" Alex thought it was his dad. Sadly for him it wasn't, just another newbie archer. "come with me boy, you look like you need some food." Alex just agreed since he was hurt. "Okay.. Sir." Alex replied with blood clotting in his mouth. "Tell me boy why are you hurt?" The newbie archer said with a deep kind voice. "I don't remember, Sir" Alex replied while shaking from the cold. "Now listen, do you want a free room in my fathers inn?" asked the newbie archer. Alex just jumped to conclusions and pushed the archer on the ground. "Get away from me!" Alex bellowed while his voice was loud enough to be heard from the windmill. Guards of Lumbridge over heard Alex's cry for help. Father also heard but thought it just his mind playing tricks on him. Until he worried and dashed to where Alex was.

"Get away from the boy newbie!" shouted one of the Lumbridge guards. "No, don't please!" shouted the newbie archer. Begging for a second chance, Alex just stood there in shock. Father arrived in-front of Alex's devastated face. "Son, are you okay!" Father asked in a kind voice. Alex clutched onto his dad's arms asking for forgiveness. "Son, I will always love you." Father said with an emotional face on him. "Come on son, let the guards take care of him." Father said while pulling me to a safer area. "Father, I think it's time we put a troubles behind us." Alex whispered with puppy eyes on his cute face. Before the Lumbridge guards could take the newbie archer away. "Wait!" Father shouted, the Lumbridge guards turned to face Father. "What is it now?" the Lumbridge guard asked, "bring him here" Father said with a deep voice. "Ermm, okay peasant!" the Lumbridge guard said with a roar. 

Father stood facing the newbie archer who was held tightly by his ragged arms. "You hurt my son!" Father roared while pulling out his small dagger. "Bronze?" Lumbridge guards said in confusion. "Now guards let go of him." Father asked kindly, "sorry but we don't take orders from a peasant!" The Lumbridge guard bellowed. "Wait, let go of me!" Father insisted while trying to break out of the grip. "Son, I'm sorry..." Father's last words ringed in Alex's empty head. "Father, please don't leave me again!" Alex shouted while falling on the ground helpless once again. "Come on son", said one of the Inn keepers who heard the commotion. Alex let the Inn keeper drag him towards the Inn. "Father..." Alex whispered in sadness. Small tears just rolled down his poor distraught face.

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