Runescape - Two Roles To Play Legacy

The Adventure of a small boy who grows up to be the mighty Dragon Slayer. Soon to become the Godly Warrior we see today. But as he grows up he finds out that different roles he will have to play to win the hearts of many and the one true thing she desires. The boy who finally realises that the past will always catch up to you.
Little Boy Alex the warrior


3. Dark Secrets

"What is your name son?" Said the Inn keeper with his muscular arms just resting on the table. Alex just sighed and ignored the words swirling out of the Inn keeper's mouth. "I see, you must be frightened?" whispered the Inn keeper while trying to show that his a nice person. Alex stood up in anger and smashed his fist on the wooden table. It was at that second the table snapped and smashed open. "I am not frightened, you know nothing of me!" shouted Alex as he slammed the timber door. Clutching onto his memories and his future while moving up the stairs. "I don't need anyone to protect me" Alex whispered, as he slowly breached the final step. "What's wrong?" a small voice whispered. Alex thought he was hearing things so he went to bed. "Your names Alex right?" asked the small voice, "Your new to the Inn?" asked again the small voice. 

"How do you know my name?" asked Alex as he scratched his head in confusion. "I know alot, plus I heard the Inn keeper say your name". The voice giggled, as the person was revealed from the shadows. Alex was stunned to see a person here, only he was more stunned on what he saw. Breaching of the shadows there she was. Alex stared at her as she blinked her eyes, her lovely blue eyes. Alex felt things he hadn't felt for a long time. "My name is Alice, you looked upset" said the girl who didn't sound small. "Yes, Alex I am your age, I know how you feel" she whispered while holding Alex's hands. "I don't need help!, I don't need anyone!" Alex bellowed loudly trying to control his anger was difficult. "You suffered so much haven't you Alex?" Alice whispered while letting go of Alex's hands. Alex was puzzled and wanted to know what she knew. 

"You know alot don't you" Alex whispered while shaking. She just blinked and blew a kiss to Alex's cheek. "Tell me please, I want to know what you know" Alex asked politely. "It's a stormy night tonight kids." the Inn keeper shouted from downstairs. Alex gulped knowing that tonight would be stupid to go looking for his father. "Alex, I know this sounds awful" said Alice while leading a sad Alex into her room." She blinked as her beautiful eye-lashes just closed for a breathe second. "Tell me, please" Alex insisted on wanting information from her. Alice sits down Alex next to her fire-place. "You see Alex I have no mother or father." She whispered while holding the tears in. Alex felt sorry for her but he too knows that he has the same problem. The only question he had was what if my father isn't dead now. "I'm sorry Alice, I really am" Alex whispered while rubbing her cute eyes. Her tears formed a heart on Alex's hand. Alice never saw it but Alex did and closed his hand tightly. 

Poor Alex felt really deep towards Alice. "Alex, your father could probably by now.." Alice gulped at the last word of her sentence. Her tears started showing, Alex could tell she had a deep dark past. By the tears from the word father or death. Alex could tell that she had a great relationship with her father. "Tell me Alice, what about your father" Alex knew that it was an awkward question but he wanted to know. His past has been lost for years. However he wanted to know if she would reveal her dark secret. "Alex, my father worked on a farm, my mother left him for a brave knight." Alice whispered while hiding under the cover. "Alice, please tell me your past" Alex whispered reassuring her that it's safe with him. The looks in her eyes just shown fear in her soul. 

Alex felt the same but he felt different towards Alice. Alice held Alex's hand for comfort and told him everything. "Father, never had it in him to fight for his farm", "That night was my life ending sentence." "Mother was a thief, always had been without us knowing", "She ruined us all that night, my dreams were sealed forever..." Alex listened closely while holding Alice's hands tighter to keep her feeling safe. The small dim candle in her room just almost went out. Until the truth of her past was revealed. "Father was killed because of theft." "My own mother was a killer, her heart was dark." Alice whispered as tension built up. "Alice, you don't have to tell me anything else." Alex whispered while going to hug her. Alice has never been hugged except from her father. Her true wish was still a mystery but Alex kept his feelings for her. "Alex, thanks for being a good friend" she whispered while slowly drifting off to sleep in Alex's arms. 

"Night, night Alice, sweet dreams" Alex whispered as he placed his dream capsule on her pillow. "They say it gives you good dreams, I never needed it since my dreams were ruined." Alex whispered as he planted a small kiss on Alice's forehead...


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