Runescape - Two Roles To Play Legacy

The Adventure of a small boy who grows up to be the mighty Dragon Slayer. Soon to become the Godly Warrior we see today. But as he grows up he finds out that different roles he will have to play to win the hearts of many and the one true thing she desires. The boy who finally realises that the past will always catch up to you.
Little Boy Alex the warrior


7. Before The True Words Came A Truce

Never said so simply... Never guided so bravely. Tell me why Alice always fails to understand her self.

"The more we speak Alice, the more we feel to love each other" Alex whispered as his breathe turned pure. "Your lips were never so dry..." Alice sighed as her hands began to grip onto Alex's left arm.

The Inn Keeper never looked at Alice so strangely. Wondering what could be wrong with her. Her lips kept fiddling with her cute tongue. Not much to be spoken before she awakes. Not much to be left with who follows traits. Your life for my life was a twisted way to go. Let rain fall as we dance in the snow. Alex sighed, as he titled his head to face Alice's eyes. The look she had given as Alex left her alone. The words that were spoken as Alice was left alone.

"Wait, Your a hero Alex. Saving the realms from corruption". Alice whispered in the wind. As she smiled with glee while the windows slammed shut.                                                                                                           "Not everything you do can offend me. I was once a boy with dreams." Alex said with his eyes reaching tearful limits. Her eyes watching me as I left the room. Her lips touching mine while we were once together.  Back in the past we were one. Now in the future we may very well be none...

"You can't keep running from what is after you." Alice shouted as her voice ringed in Alex's lonely mind.          "What do you mean..." Alex whispered as Alice never heard what he had to say.                                           "Your past Alex. It will catch up with you. Faster than you can catch up with yourself." Alice cried out loud. Alex's mind was already at breaking point.

The emotions that day. The fear we had, the power that could break us away. Nothing was left as a option for us as my father has come his way. The ending day to end all days, my loved ones will be nothing... I am the hero, the one to save many. I can't let down everyone. But I must not fear the ones I trust. Or the ones that can break me to tear.

True words never spoken, our mind never touched. Your lips could of been sealed but you failed like such... Never mind what you have done... It is an embarrassment to all who live and all who die...                    "Wait for me Alex, I can promise we will meet." "Sadly I cannot promise that my safety will be secure" Alice's words spoken as they just hide away in Alex's mind. His brain functions while his emotion deepen.

Alex grabbed his sword and threw away his keys. "Nothing shall stop us..." He bellowed out loud with a strong roar. The prevail of his father's death can become much more...

- End Of Chapter 7 -

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