Runescape - Two Roles To Play Legacy

The Adventure of a small boy who grows up to be the mighty Dragon Slayer. Soon to become the Godly Warrior we see today. But as he grows up he finds out that different roles he will have to play to win the hearts of many and the one true thing she desires. The boy who finally realises that the past will always catch up to you.
Little Boy Alex the warrior


8. Alice's Letters


Dear Alex,

I have moved back to Falador, I do not expect you to follow me to the white knights paths. You see Alex you inspiration has made me want to join the knights. The armour they have is very strong and powerful. Next time you look in the night. At the bright lunar moon your see my shiny plate shine. Like real heroes should of been, nothing is possible without my belief. My mother has also moved back to lumbridge. First target for us is a man you know. A man that has nothing but a lonely son to keep him alive. Before the deed is done I must wait for you at Varrock. You better turn up Alex after everything we have had together. xxx

"Alice, you can't do this" Alex whispered to himself in the dark. The description for the man to die sounds alot like Alex's close ones. "Why would you want to do this Alice, we were together..." Alex whispered again as he sighs silently.

Back at the Falador white knights castle was even worse. "Your assistance is no longer required Edward". Alice said with a white knights crown of queens on her head. "I am your queen, since your old one couldn't even prepare you for anything". Alice laughed out loud. "You sicken me madam." A brave bold person whispered. "Who was that?, show yourself so you can face consequences." Alice shouted with fury.

Nothing you ever do can offend us. Nothing you ever want can break us. Nothing you destroy will kill us.

The message from an old friend of Alex's. His words spoken so clear with no fear in his voice. "You will shatter then you homeless man." Alice said with an evil grin. "No you can't do this. Please don't do this." The man begged for forgiveness. Alice wasn't ready to be queen but her evil demons got the better of her. "Destroy him. Make him beg for his life back." Alice demanded with a roar. Her evil colours started to show and represent that she is the next evil queen. "Nothing shall break us..." The man said with a sigh in between each word he said. 

"Well breaking you would be easier. But I want to watch you suffer." Alice bellowed. Of course that's all she ever wanted. Power,trust,forgiveness. Nothing else could change her mind... Alex wasn't far off from Varrock as he travelled worrying about what she is up to. "I'm worried about you Alice. I want you to be happy." Alex whispered in his hands.

"Your majesty, the man you want dead?" A guard said with his helmet sliding off his left hand. 

"Yes, what is it?" Alice said with her eyes twitching.

"Nothing..." The guard gulped and got back to duty. 

Alice's evil smile as the guard said his word. Only that he never knew it would be his last. "Guards!" shouted Alice. Her voice echoed through the poor guard's ears. "Take him to the dungeons." Alice said as she clapped for demand. Dominance is what you wanted. Dominance is what your get...

Alex had finally reached Varrock. His stomach began to grumbled in pain. As his eyes began to blur from the tiredness of this hero. "I must not sleep, I must not sleep!" Alex shouted to keep himself awake. Until loads of voices were heard from outside the Varrock bank. "Fresh water, chicken breast for the youngies." The voice Alex heard sounded lovely. He was so hungry he could eat his horse. His mind couldn't focus on what is more important.

Back at the dungeon. No soul could call for help. No lifeless bodies could re-body. No lives were saved...

They named this day the one of all. The day they called... BloodLust.


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